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1 SpookyMask7th Dec 2011 11:59:06 AM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Since my friend posted this to me, I figured out I might as well create thread about it :P

I don't really think its alien ship, but at least some people are already going that far =P(though, article does admit that it sounds more plausible its nothing)

So yeah, as inevitable as this will turn out to be another silly thingy thats definitely not aliens, though it probably already did turn out like that,(seriously, looks like an alien ship? Everything looks like a alien ship if there is only silhouette and you have enough imagination... Plus, that'd be raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaather improbably huge undetected alien ship ;P) 1) Do you guys think it would even be likely that something like that could happen? 2) What do you think of these kind of stuff. Do you find them funny like me or are you wishfully hoping them to be real? Something else?

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2 Fighteer7th Dec 2011 12:05:02 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
The burden of proof for a genuine alien spacecraft is so high that my incredulity automatically kicks in on any claim of this nature not coming directly from a reputable source like NASA itself. Wishful thinking is nice and all, but this sort of claim goes beyond that into pure fantasy.

There's a whole cult of people who want so desperately to believe in extraterrestrial visitors that they will seize on the flimsiest of theories as OMG PROOF. I have no respect for that kind of thinking.

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[up][up]I'm underwhelmed. I expected a clever hoax or at least something open to pareidoilia, but this doesn't really look that odd; apparently the guy who made the video just has a stronger capacity for paradoilia than me.

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4 SpookyMask7th Dec 2011 12:54:17 PM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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^^Oh yeah, forgot those guys...

^Yup xD

But yeah, this isn't really "Comment on the link" thread, I just created this to talk about what people generally think about UFO evidence hoax stuff xD

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Yeah, thing is, if this were an alien spaceship, it looks to be a pretty big one.
6 USAF7137th Dec 2011 02:15:59 PM from the United States
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If you can see it and get it on film, we can see it with the countless defense, radar, and satellite systems we have. So... I don't buy it.

What's the stock line...? "Interesting if true?" That's my stance.

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[up]Defense satellites detect stuff near Mercury?
8 DeMarquis8th Dec 2011 02:17:31 PM from Hell, USA , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
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Actually, I'm quit open to the possibility of alien spacecraft, although the odds appear to be against two interstellar races overlapping in space and time. But this isn't very convincing. First off, why would an object only appear after being hit by the coronal mass ejection? While the phrase "coronal mass ejection" sounds impressive, it's actually just a wave of relatively denser plasma particles- at any one specific point on the wave not that much energy is even involved. And anything that big should be visible as a silhouette against the background stars. So I'm not even betting on an undiscovered satellite of Mercury. It's almost surely two parts of the same emission wave interacting with each other.

Although we dont have any radar that can probe that far, we do have extensive passive sensors that would presumably detect any artificial energy put out by an operating spacecraft (and as we all know- there is no Stealth in Space also here so aliens should presumably be detected long before they got to Mercury's orbit.
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I'll believe them when I see a ton of evidence which is then verified by a ton of credible sources.
It's a result of how the image was processed. Basically, its a time-lapse, and that strange flash next to Mercury is merely were Mercury was the day before (the image was taken over two days). It's like when you stare at a bright light, blink, then stare some more, and get that after-image that looks like you are seeing two lights.

Believe me, if NASA came across proof of E.T., they wouldn't try to hide it. Just look at what happened when they found the first strong evidence of water on Mars in a Martian meteorite (and potential fossils): Clinton addressed the nation in a press conference hours after the initial announcement. I don't think any organization as big as NASA could keep information proving intelligent aliens were out there to itself in this day and age - not to mention if I were President I'd be all too eager to share the information just to secure myself some historical glory.
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It looks a whole lot like the Citadel from Mass Effect. WTF is that?
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@#7: We have a satellite in orbit around Mercury as of march this year, equipped with a plethora of sensors including CCD cameras. If there's anything near Mercury, it would've seen it. (or at least be able to)
[up]Yeah, but they're not defense satellites, are they?

Also, at the bottom of Gizmodo's article, there's footage of this thing from a second satellite. So, um...
14 MajorTom8th Dec 2011 06:53:51 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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That's no moon...
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15 Joesolo8th Dec 2011 07:00:45 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Don't worry. My avatar will show up just in time to help destroy it. [lol]

On UFO s. Of course they exist! It's the term for any unidentified aircraft. Aliens? Maybe. I'm pretty sure there out there but I think we'd have noticed more if they were experimenting with us. If they're just observing us, with the occasional rouge abducting some one, it's some what possible.

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What's interesting about it, is that two different satellites recorded it.

I'm going to put my bet on "the sun crossed the beams".
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That Human, I interpreted your question as "do we have stuff in space that can see as far out as mercury?" to which my answer was "sure, we even have one that's right there!"

It seems I misinterpreted. But I have no idea what you think makes a 'defence' satellite special over any satellite (other than "being used by the military" so I don't have an answer to your specific question.
18 drunkscriblerian8th Dec 2011 07:43:11 PM from Castle Geekhaven , Relationship Status: In season
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Eh, if you watch there are several other "flares" during the CME that look very similar...now, they aren't as bright or distinct as the one zeroed in on by the "host" but they are present. I'll concede that its an interesting phenomenon, but going from "weird bright dot" to "cloaked ship" is a stretch to say the least.
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19 USAF7138th Dec 2011 07:49:40 PM from the United States
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Bleh... I imagine that an intelligent species capable of space travel would have conquered or at least made contact with us by now...
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20 TheEarthSheep8th Dec 2011 08:58:24 PM from a Pasture hexagon
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What 10 said. Honestly, 95% of the people in NASA joined up so they could be the ones to make Star Trek a documentary. Those are the last people who would try to cover it up.
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