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1 MrHollowRabbit25th Nov 2011 06:32:31 AM from In a burrow , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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I've come up with the basic plot a few nights ago, and I'm not sure if this idea could fly (and I'm planning to make this story into a webnovel once I find some free time). It's still in the midst of brainstorming, the final product may have some of these elements below changed or removed.

The story has elements of Norse mythology, but all the names of the gods are changed in my story, as well as having Alternate Character Interpretation and additional roles out of the ones in the original myths. It is set in the early 2000s in the earlier portions where the main character comes from. In the alternate fantasy world, it's more late 18th/19th century in its social infrastructure and technological advancements, though there are some aspects from the medieval times that surfaced in this world. Yeah, I guess that I'm fascinated with the life in the early 18th/19th century, with a little Nordic feel as to the mythology that the story is inspired in.

Basically, I have to say that it starts out as a Cliché Storm, but I'm planning to subvert many of them as the story goes (yeah, you could say that I'm a big fan of Last Scenario and Exit Fate) the story starts with a typical set-up of a Trapped in Another World scenario, except that the person in question turned out to be a housewife somewhere in her thirties. She found an old book while cleaning up the storeroom one day and you know what happens next once she takes a look at it. She did say that she's yearning for adventure just like the knights in shining armour in the stories she reads to her son at bedtimes (I Just Want to Be Special), doing household chores day after day, as well as taking care of her eight year old son.

Back to the story, the housewife fell into the new world, interrupting some sort of important ceremony, which got her into big trouble. Fortunately, a knight present in the ceremony saved the daylight out of her. Being a manipulative figure he is, he thought up of the most unlikely idea that was ever known to the people of his world, telling everyone that she is the hero the people are looking for to win a war against another nation, despite the housewife looking more like a maid in appearance. You might wonder how these people are convinced at taking the knight's words at full value (not everyone is convinced though, with their traditions unable to accept a maid, let alone a grown woman who isn't a virgin taking the shots), but an explanation of it will be revealed later. There was nothing the knight can undo after saving the housewife's life, so she's forced to be a hero in front of these people...

The first task she did was to assault the vampire forces. (I'm not going to use the word vampire in the final version, it's just a standhold name until I find an alternative) There are more characters joining our heroine and knight as she goes along, but until then I'll reveal their identities in another post if anyone is interested.

Okay, about that knight I've been mentioning earlier on, he is a known figure in some sort of society, and his people of the society he is in are known for worshiping a trickster god. (I think you know who I'm referring to in Norse mythology, but under a different name in my story. In the fantasy world, each major places worship a god/goddess and has aspects/powers of that god or goddess) As such, he is seen to be a cunning fellow and god knows what his goals and motivations are.

I'll explain more of the fantasy elements another time. Of course, the different beings in Norse mythology will appear (aside from the vampires mentioned earlier.) Haven't thought of names for the main characters yet, so it might be helpful if anyone can suggest meaningful names for them. I'm still planning how the story will go, so it would be helpful if anyone can respond whether my idea can pass, and suggesting good ideas on the way?

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2 YuriStrike25th Nov 2011 07:53:16 AM from I'm telling nobody!
I know he isn't Loki! He just isn't!

Sounds fun indeed! Few stories feature housewives' adventures and thus very eye-catching. Though I thought she was going to be transformed into a magical girl when she touched the book, which was actually her younger self...
3 MrHollowRabbit26th Nov 2011 04:09:12 AM from In a burrow , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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[up] The housewife as a Magical Girl? Lol, nice idea, but it won't fit the mood of the story I'm writing. She did learned fencing before she quit several years before the story begins because of personal commitments, partly having to take care of her newborn child and all that. She needs to start from somewhere and I certainly don't want my main heroine to become an instant idiot once she entered the new world. I want to drive straight to the story so that the readers won't get bored with her starting from the very beginning.

The Ragnarok incident in the original myths is somewhat the backstory of the gods, but with some differences. Whatsmore, the 'soul' of the gods still lives on in the main story, as some of them possessed several of the characters' bodies in order to communicate with the main characters.
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4 YuriStrike29th Nov 2011 12:53:41 AM from I'm telling nobody!
You can't really skip the "instant idiot" part...But it can be done in a more subtle way.

Besides, it won't be a big problem since she has her personal knight in shining armor, and housewives are much more fierce than people think.
[up]Exactly. Just try and take that baby's candy. Go on, I dare you, lol.

I love the idea. Here's an interesting idea, though - Norse mythology has two tricksters, Odin and Loki. You could have a sort of subversion where Loki is "good" and Odin is "bad". I dunno, I like your concept though.
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6 MrHollowRabbit1st Dec 2011 06:44:40 AM from In a burrow , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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Thanks for responding, even though there's not much discussion going around here. Need your opinion on this one; do you think it's a good idea for the characters in the main group (the people following the housewife around on her journey) to have two weapons? One for attacks, the other for casting magic or one for short-ranged attacks, the other for long range ones etc along with other ideas? Do you think that it would be too much?
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7 YuriStrike1st Dec 2011 03:01:54 PM from I'm telling nobody!
It depends. If a character carries a main weapon and a sub weapon around, it's totally fine. Attributes are carefully split, and thus balance kept.

Heck, my characters either carry three guns or carry a BFG. Ammo is a big problem, y'know.
8 theindefiniteone3rd Dec 2011 02:55:08 AM from the End of the World
[up][up] It won't really be too much if you want your characters to carry more than one weapon. However, if they always carry the weapons/objects/Plot Coupons that are just right for the situation, that would be pushing it.

I'd actually like nekomoon's idea, but it in of itself is a bit done...why not have both Odin AND Loki be bad, and have Loki be manipulating the woman into using her power for his ends, which seem good at the time...?

(Actually, this gives me an idea, but...)
10 MrHollowRabbit24th Dec 2011 03:42:30 AM from In a burrow , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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[up] An idea? I would like to hear it. After hearing what you've said, I think I know what to do from now on. (I apologize for the uber late reply; returned from a vacation about a week ago. Didn't have good wi-fi there.)
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