Ongoing European Debt Crisis:

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1701 Fighteer9th Oct 2012 06:44:59 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
1702 TheyCallMeTomu9th Oct 2012 09:56:25 AM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Totes Moe

So. It's reached such a memetic status that even KRUGMAN is referencing it.
1703 RadicalTaoist9th Oct 2012 12:33:08 PM from the #GUniverse
scratching at .8, just hopin'

1704 TheyCallMeTomu9th Oct 2012 12:48:45 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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... I want to see that music video.
1705 Greenmantle12th Oct 2012 03:23:22 AM from Greater Wessex, Britannia , Relationship Status: Hiding
[up]Actually... I kind of agree. smile
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[up][up]Congratulations, EU, you f***ing deserved it!

And the whole debt has just been reduced by one million. A few thousands to go, but it's a start... Hey! Idea! If we can get Barroso and the others to design a cure for cancer, Faster Than Light Travel, post-scarcity economics, an awesome series of novels AND the peace in the Middle East, then the debt would be reduced by FIVE millions this time next year! Let's go, people, we've got a way to make Norway pay for our debt!
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I think people are over-doing it with the riots. Sure, the goverments aren't doing their best, but it's just an economic problem, it will eventually get better. They should stay calm and try to go on with their stuff
[up]Isn't "Keep Calm And Carry On" just a bit too British for some, though? [lol]
1710 Fighteer12th Oct 2012 07:08:17 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Riots are what you inevitably get when living conditions become intolerable for large numbers of people. Especially when the perception exists that government is punishing people for something that is not their fault. In fact, this is how revolutions happen.

In these conditions, sitting around at home (assuming you have one!) and wishing really hard that someone fixes things is not a workable solution.
1711 Greenmantle12th Oct 2012 07:30:17 AM from Greater Wessex, Britannia , Relationship Status: Hiding

What's your view of the European Union winning the Nobel Peace Prize?
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1712 Fighteer12th Oct 2012 07:31:48 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
1713 Fighteer12th Oct 2012 09:11:26 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Double post. The Nobel Peace Prize is for, basically, not having any wars in six decades. Which, I admit, is pretty impressive. They acknowledge the economic situation but the prize is not about that.
1714 Karkadinn12th Oct 2012 09:28:36 AM from New Orleans, Louisiana
That's kind of depressing.

'Congratulations on not finding any petty, self-centered reasons to murder your neighbors en masse for an entire lifetime!'

I mean. It's like someone handing me a 'grats on not punching your landlord in the face' award. And meanwhile, I've been stealing from him and blaming it on the guy next door.
Furthermore, I think Guantanamo must be destroyed.
[up]Hey: take the long view... Europe hasn't gone to war with another bit of itself for longer than any time for the past millennium (civil unrest doesn't count: that's a whole 'nother can of worms)! Or, even, two of them. It's a miracle!

The best it's managed is some economic and cultural sniping with rude gestures. tongue

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1716 rmctagg0912th Oct 2012 10:35:17 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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I saw it as an elevator news blurb on my way up to the dentist. I'll admit that I didn't even know that supranational entities could accept the award.
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1717 TheyCallMeTomu12th Oct 2012 10:44:06 AM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Hey man, the States haven't had any wars (between themselves) in like, well over a hundred years! Where's OUR Nobel?
1718 BestOf12th Oct 2012 10:52:18 AM from Finland , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Besides, we had plenty of conflicts that had to do with the break-up of Yugoslavia.
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[up]The slight difference that time was civil falling apart, followed by attempting to peace-keep, with international involvement with that in actual mind. (In the air how successful that was/ was not, though.)

Makes a massive change to big blocks waltzing in and going, "Ours! We baggsieed it first!"... and promptly letting it spill over to other places and involving the rest of the world in a massive war for resources/ influence just for the lulz. Or an excuse. That was the old pattern for how long? Just ask... oh... Poland? [lol]

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1720 Inhopelessguy12th Oct 2012 11:07:18 AM from Birmingham Ctl, UK , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Yay! We won the Peace Prize!

-Ode to Joy plays in head-

My parents can't seem to understand why I wish to buy a European flag and hang it in my room. tongue

Do I think it was well-deserved? Yes. Now, some would suggest that we wouldn't go to war again anyway, but that's not the point. The EU helped stabilise ex-military dictatorships in the southern states, and after the fuck-up in the Baltic, helped stabilise those too.

And the European military force is doing some good work in Kosovo. Heck, we've even initiated Ascension talks with them.

Plus! Plus! Europe has constantly been fighting since 1410. From 1410 to 1945 there has been a war fought on European soil.

@ Tagg. The Red Cross has won it three times, as has Medicins Sans Frontieres.

(... I'm not the most biased person to talk about this, am I? XD)

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1721 pvtnum1112th Oct 2012 11:34:53 AM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Yes, the decades-long absence of a conflict is certainly different, in light of European history.
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1722 Inhopelessguy12th Oct 2012 11:38:09 AM from Birmingham Ctl, UK , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
We exported colonialism and war, and now we export peace!

... And our defence companies export weapons too, but that's besides the point.


1723 lordGacek12th Oct 2012 02:21:10 PM from Kansas of Europe
The joy for the prize has been spoiled by the fact that it came so late. The EU hasn't been George W. Bush for, like, several decades.
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1724 Inhopelessguy12th Oct 2012 02:26:48 PM from Birmingham Ctl, UK , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Tbh, I think it came at the right time. It's reminded political leaders in the states and Union that these Communities are joined for peace and prosperity.


1725 Greenmantle13th Oct 2012 04:07:27 AM from Greater Wessex, Britannia , Relationship Status: Hiding
RBS sale of 316 branches to Santander collapses: Remember, Santander is a Spanish bank, which already owns the former Abbey National here, and RBS has to sell by 2014 or receive fines.

The disposal was ordered by the European Commission in return for UK government's 45bn rescue of the bank. RBS had been working on the sale for more than two years. The UK bank struck a preliminary deal with Santander to sell the branches and the business of 1.8 million customers in August 2010. However, completion has been delayed several times.

In a statement released late on Friday, Mr Hester said: "It is of course disappointing that Santander decided to pull out of this transaction, especially for the customers and staff involved. "RBS will commence a new process of disposal and will provide a further update on this in due course."

The assets being sold included the RBS branch business in England and Wales, and the Nat West branch business in Scotland, plus some small business and other corporate lending interests. Mr Hester said that much of the "heavy lifting" work on the disposal had been done, including separating out customer data and putting in place a separate management. This meant that the assets were "largely ready to be taken on by a new owner," he said.

One problem for Santander is thought to have been trying to integrate the banks' computer systems, an issue that has dogged other mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector. There were also suggestions earlier this year that Santander was trying to negotiate a lower price for the acquisition, which was initially thought to be worth 1.6bn.

The EU required RBS to complete the sale by 2014.

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