Ambulances and Fire Trucks

Ambulances and Fire Trucks:

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1 RalphCrown3rd Nov 2011 06:58:16 AM from Next Door to Nowhere
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When someone calls an ambulance, the trend is to send along a fire truck (in the US anyway). Other than to relieve the tedium of waiting for a fire to break out, what is the reason?

Obviously, there is an epidemic of spontaneous human combustion.
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2 CDRW4th Nov 2011 12:34:48 PM , Relationship Status: Mu
'cause firemen are trained in emergency medical assistance and usually can arrive quicker than an ambulance.

Fun possibly true factoid: In Virginia, or certain parts thereof, the phenomenon is particularly egregious because funding is partially determined by whichever orginization shows up on the scenes of accidents first.
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