ParaNorman- Laika Animation's next film:

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This definitely seems pretty interesting. There have been a shortage of recent stop motion films, but with the combined strength of Aardman's newest film The Pirates!, Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and this one, it seems like next year is gonna be the next big wave of stop motion films from big name studios.
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Not to mention that it's from the same company that did Coraline.grin
I Am The Walrus
Kodi Smit-McPhee sure loves to do dark movies or have things happen to him. First The Road, then Wolverine and Let Me In and now this.
I read a few articles on the movie, it seems to be even more promising than before.
First trailer is out.
Seems to be a bit less gothic than Coraline, but the production values are still top-notch.
I Am The Walrus
Looks a lot like Monster House.

And is stop-motion going to be used exclusively for horror from now on? With this and Frankenweenie, it seems like that animation studios would rather imitate the success of The Nightmare Before Christmas instead of following Aardman's path of doing different genres.
Well, to me, Stop motion has a certain horror-like quality in itself. But your milage may vary on that.

This movie looks like it's gonna be GOOD. I've been hoping for more stop-motion features for a while, and it looks like 2012 is going to be the year for 'em. With Frankenweenie, Dark Shadows, and now THIS coming out, I'm REALLY starting to look forward to 2012! Well, you know, besides the whole apocalypse thing.

The animation here looks fantastic so far, I'm really liking the visuals I'm seeing here (especially that hand!), and the backgrounds look AMAZING. But that's to be expected from Laikia.

Although it's WAAYY too early to judge, I have to say that Norman already reminds me a bit of Dib. Maybe it's just the facial expressions.

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I did enjoy Coraline, so this is going to be good. Also, does anyone get a vibe from Doug Tennapel with this? To me, this looks like it has the influence from Doug tennapel in this.
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Tennapel would probably find this sacrelicious.

Who's directing this? Is it Selick?
I Am The Walrus
Selick went to Pixar after a contract dispute.

This is from the co-director of Flushed Away and The Tale of Despereaux. Not exactly inspiring for this one.

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Hey, I like Flushed Away.

My thoughts upon seeing the trailer: "So that's what the child of Coraline and The Goonies would look like."
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[up][up]Not Pixar, just Disney in general I think. The plan is to set up a new stop motion unit.
With Flickr action!
14 MrW29th Oct 2011 04:28:42 AM from some place
@Buscemi: As well as the storyboarder of Coraline. He wrote the screenplay, too.
15 MrW30th Oct 2011 06:16:27 PM from some place
I made a page. Edit it as you please.

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New trailer is out. This looks awesome, but I gotta wonder why their giving it such a big push this early.
17 MrW13th Dec 2011 04:13:24 AM from some place
Maybe because Coraline was a bit of a Sleeper Hit, and they possibly want to have a bigger sort of success.

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18 MrW2nd Mar 2012 07:52:43 AM from some place

New trailer.
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Looks like great fun. Loved the Friday the 13th gag at the end. The dorky friend is already my favorite character.
3 new stop-motion animated films this year.

Yes please.
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Yep, it's gonna be quite the year.

To me, Laika has already gained itself a reputation as the Evil Twin of Aardman, which is quite a nice position for it. Coraline is now a Halloween tradition for me, and ParaNorman looks like great spooky fun as well. Can't wait to see it.
You could say Frankenweenie is the Evil Twin of Aardman, but Tim Burton's always made "evil" works.
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I was thinking more in terms of company style. But you're right about Frankenweenie.

(remembers that I need to watch the trailer for that)

EDIT: Trailer for Frankenweenie was f***ing amazing. Putting that on my must-see list.

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24 MrW2nd Mar 2012 01:10:42 PM from some place
It's a good year for puppetpushers.
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The animation for this looks AWESOME. And that's really saying something.

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