Don’t feel like writing… :

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I'll show you real magic.
There’s this premise that I keep working on…but recently I started to think less and less about it and even thinking about actually putting my work into words enervates me. I still really like working on smaller details, but actually writing? I’m afraid to say that I just can’t be bothered.

The fuck happened to me…

wait what
Try writing something smaller for a change of pace, or taking a break. You might be tired of working on the same thing, or your heart might not be with this premise.

It's The Flow, right?
We've got a solve for that.
I'll show you real magic.
Yup. Yeah, guess that works...

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Could be your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Maybe this idea won't go anywhere. Maybe you should take a break. Maybe you need to come back to this idea when you're able to do it justice.
Under World. It rocks!
Don't feel like writing? Then write anyway.

If you don't start to develop some work ethic, you won't get anything done. And you won't make anything good.

We're not gods. We're not muses. Stories don't fall out of our heads.

We're craftsmen. We craft stories.
I'll show you real magic.
Ah, I'm good now. Thanks anyways, guys.
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