Kim Jong-il's Grandson's Facebook Revealed:

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Talk about dissonance

Facebook accounts believed to belong to the North Korean leader's grandson have caused a stir in the South.

South Korean media discovered accounts thought to belong to Kim Han-sol, the 16-year-old son of Kim Jong-nam, Kim Jong-il's eldest son, on Saturday.

According to reports, the posts revealed a teenager who said he was in favour of democracy and that his favourite film was "Love Actually".

Photos showed Kim Han-sol with bleached blonde hair and dressed stylishly.

He is now believed to have blocked public access to his social networking accounts after being bombarded with South Korean media attention, the Korea Herald reported.


Kim Han-sol's sense of fashion has provoked considerable interest in the South Korean media, with Facebook photos showing him wearing rimmed glasses, earrings and a pendant in the shape of a cross.

A photo taken with a young woman has attracted interest because Mr Kim captioned it with the comment: "I'm going to miss you so much", a South Korean paper reported.

The unidentified girl replied: "I love you too, yeobo." Yeobo is a term of endearment that husbands and wives in Korea use to address each other, the paper explained.

And in one post, the teenager is said to have asked fellow students if they preferred democracy or communism - and said he preferred democracy.

Kim Han-sol is believed to live with his father, Kim Jong-nam, in China and also in the former Portuguese territory of Macau.

On Friday, the United World College in Bosnia said that he would be enrolling there as a student.

The South Korean press also says it has discovered accounts belonging to Kim Jong-nam, who was passed over by his father as successor to the North Korean leadership.

His page contained posts insulting his half-brother, Kim Jong-un, his father's chosen successor.

The South Korean paper says Kim Jong-nam was posting under the name "Kim Chol", a pseudonym he uses for hotel reservations when travelling to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Here is a picture. He looks like a hipster.

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SO what? should we lynch him? As far as I know he hasnt done anything wrong.

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More like applaud.
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@Baff: /shrug

I wasn't advocating anything. I just thought the differences between him and his grandfather were interesting.

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If anything, let's advise him not to go down the Homefront route. tongue
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6 USAF7134th Oct 2011 07:40:14 AM from the United States
I changed accounts.
The stupidity of the plot of Homefront astonished me.

Eh, I feel bad for the kid. It's like those poor bastards who are related to Hitler...
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[up] Yeah, the plot summary on our page is almost a word salad.

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I just read Homefront's plot and I have to say that it is the most idiotic thing I have ever read.
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I kinda want to friend this kid.
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I hope he doesn't turn up dead in an alley somewhere... assuming this isn't a hoax.
12 Wicked2234th Oct 2011 10:56:16 AM from Death Star in the forest
SO what? should we lynch him? As far as I know he hasnt done anything wrong.

Yes, he's wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
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13 Ratix4th Oct 2011 11:30:58 AM from Someplace, Maryland
I'm disappointed he's not the planned successor.
14 honorius4th Oct 2011 11:32:03 AM from The Netherlands
[up][up] This is however caused by his hereditary traits.
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I'm glad to see the guy turned out OK, considering most of the Kims are batshit fucking crazy.

As USAF said, it's no different from the poor bastards who are related to Hitler. It's not like it's his fault, bein' a Kim'n'all.
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16 HungryJoe4th Oct 2011 01:57:36 PM from Under the Tree
He's going to school in Bosnia?

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17 GameChainsaw4th Oct 2011 02:05:48 PM from sunshine and rainbows!
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I can imagine this being a hoax.

If he really is in Bosnia, and he's put this sort of thing up in public, I'd suggest that he doesn't return to North Korea. I'm afraid for his life.
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I vote the rest of kimmy's descendents butt heas with him. leaving this kid to become ruler. Kim Han-sol, he's almost Han Solo! He sounds like One of Us!

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I'm baaaaaaack
I always knew some bored relative of them would go Google democracy.
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How... random.
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