Complete Monster Education Mama?:

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Is it possible?

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Maybe. It would have to be for the parent's own benefit, not the child's, though.
While Complete Monster is a little harsh, is there was an extremely unpleasant Education Papa in Magnolia.
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The thread title sounds like an idea for a surprisingly fun game.

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Well, considering it links to Driven to Suicide, I would definitely not say it's impossible. You would have to make it really obvious that the parent is doing it for their own benefit and is completely uncaring of their child's suffering, and not just say, tough or oblivious.

Probably the biggest point is that a complete monster does completely monstrous and heinous things within the context of the story. If the story is a school story, though yes, people are doing horrible things and making child soldiers and human trafficking or whatnot, if the story isn't about that and is about the kids in the school, then an education mama could be a complete monster.

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