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If The Lion King 2 was as good as the first, (according to most people) don't you think IT deserves a Broadway show as well as the first? I mean, just think about it. If TLK 1 Broadway was good, then a TLK 2 Broadway would be just as good. ANYONE think this would be a good idea?
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FYI, "according to most people" =/= "IMO".

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Heeeeeeeeell no.
It's easy, mmkay?
If this ever happens, I'll know I'm living in Idiocracy. I don't say that often but I fully believe it here.
At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
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Never gonna happen. And would suck anyway.
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There are some good songs in the second movie (Not one of us comes to mind), but it probably wouldn't happen.
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The sad thing is that it's not even one of the sequels that's offensively bad enough to pique my interest in that direction. If we're putting the direct-to-video stuff on Broadway, I say we go all out and get some Cinderella 3 or whatever up in here.
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I'd say the biggest roadblock has nothing to do with the film itself, per se: Theater just isn't conducive to sequels, because you can't count on people having seen the original. The only ones I can think of are Love Never Dies and Sing On, neither of which are what you'd call masterpieces.
[up] You know, I've flipped through a book about musical flops, and it mentioned sequels (two of them with music written by the same composer), and how none of them were successful.

It might be interesting, because it could go down as the first Broadway musical adapted from a direct-to-video movie (unless such a thing already exists).
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