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26 Joesolo24th Sep 2012 02:07:57 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
WOOOOO! Got into the closed beta!

Pathetic Earthling
It'll be fun killing you with my gunner.
28 Joesolo24th Sep 2012 02:36:09 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
I'll be sure to shoot you first tongue
Pathetic Earthling
Yeah, you'll probably be shooting down the poor attack craft or heavy fighter flying straight towards a target.

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30 Joesolo24th Sep 2012 03:21:58 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
really I'll probably BE the heavy attack plane. I lag too much for anything else. Maybe I'll use a carrier plane.
31 ScrewySqrl17th Sep 2013 07:56:01 AM , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
thread necromancy!

Just notice we don't even have a page for this yet. someone want to start making one?
32 TuefelHundenIV19th Nov 2013 11:09:28 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse
I have started inon this and I am enjoying it. Most matches are faster paced. It like Wo T in the early days. Enough variety to keep you busy and will likely continue to expand and change.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
33 Rotpar14th Dec 2013 11:50:09 PM from California , Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
It's funny, I'm finding combat slower. Much less sudden exploding.

A Junkers Ju87, my kingdom for a Stuka!
"But don't give up hope. Everyone is cured sooner or later. In the end we shall shoot you." - O'Brien, 1984
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Total posts: 33
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