Rename (alternative names crowner 4/5): Sliding Scale Of Adaptation Decay

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It's super effective.
Adaptation Decay has been reworked to in-universe examples only. Presumably this should have been cut along with that. Any objections?

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I think this concept has some merit (perhaps because I'm still not happy with having Adaptation Decay as a trope you can't even mention except in-universe), but the definition is poorly thought out and gratuitously opinionated, and none of the examples explain themselves. I can't say I oppose cutting this.
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Trope Decay has nothing to do with this trope.
Seriously, my avatar comes from the embodiment of the So Bad, It's Good trope.
Adaptation Decay was made in-universe but its sub-tropes were not, of which this would either be or a related trope. Either way, the scale is pretty much an overgeneralization about how closely a derivative work overall mirrors its source material and since most of the examples are just a listing of the work and not a rant on how They Misadapted It Now It Sucks, there's little chance of it going rotten like Adaptation Decay.
I don't see why "decay" is in the title at all. Why not "Sliding Scale Of Adaptation"? The scale measures how much the work adapted the original, not how much decay resulted.

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You should see the YKTTW — original working title was "faithfulness versus finanaces". Egad.

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Sliding Scale Of Adaptation Faithfulness?

I'm noticing another minor problem with the scale; it applies to adaptations made long after the source material, particularly the Marvel films where the old origin is given a modern-day context. Does this really count as part of "decay", especially since these are compressed adaptations?

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[up]I'm inclined to say "yes". It's a bit of pragmatism, which fits just fine on the scale(it's entirely possible to actually set an adaptation at the same time as original, after all).
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[up][up] Seconding this suggestion.
There seems to be support for a rename. Does anyone want to put together a crowner for this?
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There is now a Single Proposition crowner for a rename here
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Is there any point in listing examples, when there's no objective criteria?
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Yes. It's about the changes in the story during adaptation.
I'd like to hear some options first.
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Bumping to get more votes and to propose Sliding Scale of Adaptation Modification as an alt-name.
Calling crowner.
I prefer Sliding Scale Of Adaptation Faithfulness since "Modification" just doesn't sound right.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
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I prefer the rhyme of "Adaptation Modification", and I don't like the implication in "Faithfulness" that adaptations have to be identical to the original.
[up]Agree about the word "faithfulness." It sounds too much like one side of the scale is good and the other is bad. Actually, I can think of examples where authors' adaptations of their own works change enormous amounts. The adaptation is certainly faithful to the original's spirit, but it changes a great deal.
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Calling crowner in favor of Sliding Scale Of Adaptation Modification
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Renamed wicks and pages, made second-most-popular option a redirect and made note on Renamed Tropes and the FAQ thread.

After discussion move, we should be done.
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Moved the discussion, made a note pointing to this thread on the discussion page. Locking up. Sleep tight, sweet thread.
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Alternative Titles: Sliding Scale Of Adaptation Decay
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Vote up names you like, vote down names you don't. Whether or not the title will actually be changed is determined with a different kind of crowner (the Single Proposition crowner). This one just collects and ranks alternative titles.
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