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I think Shiki's brother is a completely minor character, there's just about no mention of him beyond that line.

As for Keito's character design, well, what I found interesting is that I don't think it was a Type-Moon character design; considering that he's a minor character and it's a visual novel so we never saw what he looks like in the original work. So presumably it was ufotable's design. Yet Ryunnosuke is a Nasu-certified character design (presumably).
Just a thought - in Paradox Spiral, Touko gives Mikiya a pack of cigarettes made by "a Taiwanese craftsman" to keep for her before heading off to face Cornelius and Araya. Is there any explanation for who this person is or why this holds some significance to Touko?
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Ooh, I'd like to know that too.
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Anyone know a good place where I can watch this?
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Reading the Records of Oblivion part of the novel again, I only just noticed how long it is. The movie really abridged a lot of the plot, which is kind of a pity.

OTOH, Azaka was adorable when animated. Particularly the part where she used the Shiki doll for target practice.
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The Records of Oblivion part is one of my favorite parts of the story, and in my opinion the adaptation didn't do it justice at all. In fact the story barely works anymore.

That, plus it failed to capture certain elements of the characters and the fact that some of the more interesting plot turns didn't make it in at all.
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Yeah, I mean, alien flower demon thing? What the hell?

Seriously, what the hell is with the change? Rape and cannibalism is okay but prostitution (just in case) isn't?
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[up][up]Yeah, without those plot elements the story becomes much less engaging.
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I've been watching the movies. My thoughts as of the end of Records of Oblivion:

  • I'm torn between utter awe that Fujino managed to live so long with a form of analgesia and being really, really sad for her.
  • Damn if the Café Ahnenerbe isn't classy. I kind of wish I owned it now.
  • Cornelius y u so crazy
  • Touko basically has herself a Magic Murder Bag. Nice.
  • But yeah, overall, Paradox Spiral was weird. Really weird. I'm gonna have to consult the light novels for this one.
  • Shiki, either stab your pillow or act all dere. Don't do both at once. You're confusing my feels.
  • Given what I'd been told about Azaka beforehand, I wasn't sure if I'd like her or not. Now I think she's adorable.
  • You're all right, Mikiya. You're all right.
  • Next time on KnK, some random people get eaten! Hooray!

[up]I loved that scene of her grumpily stabbing her pillow. That just fits her character so well.
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[up][up] It's good to see that you are enjoying the movies; I sure as hell did.
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Aaaand I'm finished.

  • I found pretty much everything about Lio to be made of disturbing, and he came off as quite unsympathetic. Dunno if that's what Nasu was aiming at, or if the adaptation changed anything.
  • That whole scene with the steam was really cool, though.
  • Damn, Mikiya's tough as nails. And Shiki's still awesome.
  • As for the epilogue...yeah, I'm not gonna lie here: I zoned out for like 95% of it. It was just boring. Gonna have to go to the novels again, I guess. You guys have any opinions on this?

Overall, though, I really liked Kn K. It was intriguing, and badass, and beautiful. My time was well spent.
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... No comment on the licking scene? Odd, that usually gets specific mention whenever someone's commenting on Movie 7. But yeah, Leo is a blob of coagulated nightmare fuel dipped in the fondue pot of lost souls and sprinkled with the tears of frightened children.
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[up]The licking was creepy, but not in the sense of "Holy shit, how's Shiki ever gonna survive this?" Outright cannibalism freaks me out a lot more, honestly.

But enough of that. It's obvious to me that what Lio truly needs from life is an Epic Meal Time parody.
So, since I am preparing to watch the series soon, in which order should I view it? Chronologically or in the order it was released?
I only read the novels, but I'd read it in the order it was written, not chronological order. I think even the stuff set chronologically earlier need some of the character and plot bits from the stuff told earlier but set later to fully understand/enjoy them.
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[up][up][up]"Next week, we eat Akasha."tongue

[up][up]I'd go with order of release, but only if you have the time to re-watch it and figure out the connections that you missed the first time.

Also, because I haven't fanboy-ed my fair share in recent history... Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina ftw.

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By the power of Void, I necro this thread.

The animation quality never stops amazining me. Does anyone know what was the budget of the films? Must have been high.
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I don't know what the exact budget was but as a general rule the per-minute budget for animation goes TV Series < OA Vs < Movies. Some OA Vs fudge that a little since they are unconstrained by run-times so they occasionally sacrifice things like runtime or regular release dates to boost them into a similar level to movie quality.

There are exceptions to this at every level of course.
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I see.

I love this music so much.

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[up]Oh gods yes.
Mirai Fukuin trailer is out. Mana!

Also damn, how I've missed Oblivious.
A question, how is "Shiki" pronounced, with the first "i" or not?

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The "i"s are pronounced, but more briefly than is usual in English.
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@ Marq FJA

"The "i"s are pronounced, but more briefly than is usual in English."

But is it really "Shee-kee" or "Sh-kee?"

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