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Way of the Samurai:

So, anyone else played this buried gem of a series? I've only played the 2nd game (tried the first, my slim PS2 hates blue discs and vibrates like crazy while reading them, plus the first copy I tried consistently failed on an early transition. Will get the 3rd, and 4th if it's out in the US by then, when I eventually get a PS3), though I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend it to fans of the C&C oriented wRPGs.

The games are a, Better Than It Sounds, cross between a Visual Novel (heavy on the branching paths) and Soul Calibur with some RPG elements (Your sword has stats that are increased by paying a blacksmith) and lots of New Game+. It starts a bit hard, but upon finding a decent sword (and making sure you have the resources to kill the guy with it. Remember that "easy" is a trap and sticks you with shit swords), it gets a lot easier.

So far I have gotten the good variations of the following results: Police Samurai (which I got completely by accident after the playthrough I first got a decent sword in), Sayo, Kasumi and "Don't do shit till the final day" variant of the lone samurai ending. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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