Chinese Prisoners Forced into MMO gold farming:

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Actually, it's Euphinatrix.
Loitering? LOITERING?

You bastard! Off to the MMO labor camp with you!

Seriously, I'd take being in Section 2 over China any day of the week.
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52 Rationalinsanity31st May 2011 12:50:46 AM from Canada , Relationship Status: It's complicated
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[up][up]Considering that a good portion of them are probably innocent (again, the conviction rate in Chinese courts is simply too high to be true) I can't consider them "criminals" in good conscience. Do some of them belong in prison (re: not work camps)? Probably but that doesn't make this scenario acceptable.

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As an FYI, I read somewhere (though I can't confirm yet) that this entire operation was done for the sole, personal financial benefit of the guards (and possibly warden).
54 Kayeka31st May 2011 01:22:31 AM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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The fact that this entire thing was possible is a breach of human rights, as apparently prisoners don't have any protection by the law. Otherwise they could file a complaint somewhere.
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I don't really value humans as much as most people here do.
So going by that logic, you ought to view yourself and other "innocents" as worthless as the "prisoners" you're condemning.

As for the topic at hand, I can't say this is any more deplorable than every other instance of slave labor facilitated by the prison system, but assuming I was a prisoner, I'd at least want a choice in how I'll be used. At least pressing license plates has the pretense of being somewhat productive.
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Good thing I'm NOT in prison eh?

And to think, I thought prison was a place of fun, respect, and freedom.

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No, but there is such a thing as human rights and slave labor is a gross violation of them. Slave labor that is exacerbated by how utterly pointless it is in this particular case. And who's to say you'll never be imprisoned? If you're capable of doing so, let's pretend you're in prison for something relatively insignificant. A victimless crime, something you didn't even think was enforced. Doesn't matter, you're now a slave of the penal system. Keep riding that high horse. And remember, this is China. They'll send your ass up the river for dissent.

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58 stardf2931st May 2011 04:26:47 PM from Under the Hoenn waters , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
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What I'm wondering is, is this really in any way surprising at all? I mean, this is China, a country with enough human rights problems to fill the Yangtze River, and about as much desire to actually fix them as they have to swim upstream the length of said river.

I mean, we can complain about how horrible China is, but I personally find it pointless unless any of you plan on actually doing something about it yourselves...
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59 thespacephantom31st May 2011 04:28:56 PM from the lonesome crowded west
[up]So what do we do, then?
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60 annebeeche31st May 2011 04:32:47 PM from by the long tidal river
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On one hand, I see no problem with subjecting prisoners to labor and getting shit done, so long as the prisoners aren't being abused and get reasonable amounts of breaks, food and sleep. 'Cause I mean, it's prison. What are you gonna have them do? Stand in rows and do jumping jacks all day?

On the other, this is just abusing the privilege. World of Warcraft gold does absolutely nothing but entertain bored lazy people. At least manual labor gets people's roofs tarred and their roads fixed.
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Good thing I'm NOT in prison eh?

Signed, people like you are part of the problem- Attitudes like that is why shit like this is allowed to happen.
62 MadassAlex31st May 2011 05:13:40 PM from the Middle Ages.
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they're just criminals

what is this i dont even

Still human beings.
63 thespacephantom31st May 2011 05:14:41 PM from the lonesome crowded west
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64 MarkVonLewis31st May 2011 05:15:21 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
In a twisted way, I find this kind of darkly amusing. Goes to show you the Chinese take the sweatshop approach to even gaming.

Disclaimer: not saying all Chinese are sweatshop managers. Just making a joke.

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