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What's important is the RP characters. So I'm keeping track of them here.

     List of Roleplays 
  • Mythril Aces: Aeris Gaiden: I consider this my first, and main, love. Though it's been several years, I have a spot in my heart for most of my comrades. (Lilith MacDonald (Fed), Ellen Daugherty (Cent))
  • Magical Girl no Civil War: I joined this during The Summer of Camp, and so never really got a chance to play. Same as the other examples with The Crowd. (Bern(ad)ette Montgomery)
    • A little bit of information, not that it's really relevant: She was originally Olivia Cromwell, primarily because, at the time, I had absolutely no knowledge of English/Irish history, and thought Cromwell made for a cool character. People objected, and I never got to be Madame Protector, like I apparently really wanted to be. Ah well. Faux, if you're reading this, thanks for redefining Cromwell for me.
  • The Manor is Not Enough (Maid): I had a good thing going, with my chainsaw robot. She was the proto-Browning, and I remember that character fondly. Probably because they didn't last long enough to matter. (Olivia Browning)




  • Puella Magi Troper Magica: I wish this could have gone on longer, but stretched myself thin, and the RP died out. Pretty interesting, in any case.(Anna Zemlyanika)
  • Mythril Aces (Re)Union: The successor to the above MA:AG (itself a spinoff of Mythril Soldier Troperion, which I was never with), started as a reboot two years after the original game died. I couldn't rejoin fast enough.note (Lilith MacDonald (Fed), Elaine Gottwald (Cent)) Sappy Rant 
  • Reichs and Fall: Joined during the summer, thought it would be funny, ended up being boring. (Catherine Sayles)

  • Revenge of the Smugglers: Joined for kicks, will update this.


     Tropes that apply to Rena (Self-Described) 

This is the line of demarcation between editable and not editable. Everything below may be edited without mercy and, by its nature, is subject to constant revision.

     Awards I've Won 
  • The Troper Cross of Poetry (Hopey)

Tropes that apply to Rena (As Stated by Others):

Apologizes a Lot: As you can see here - Parable

Known Vandals - EXHIBIT A:

StarkMaximum - Rena The Archmage Apologises a Lot but that's okay because it's quite charming.

ElTheDaze - 'Pokes with stick' HIIIIII! NEW PERSON!!!

Lemurian - You have a Touhou-character as your avatar. I think we can become good friends.

Cliché - You love mages too? I think we will get along just fine.

TakerFoxx: Not a girl / but it's known / that if he sees someone he likes / they're getting taken home / Burma-Shave

My name is KarlKadaver. You vandalised my page. Prepare to...also be vandalised. *Sprays Silly String all over the page, then shaving cream. Then just for the hell of it, showers the area with "K"-shaped glitter. *swipes hands* My work here is done.

  • pokes you with a stick* CAN'T CATCH ME! -MilosStefanovic

  • Balmung here. You need vandalism. *Breaks out the spray paint* Graffiti time! *Tags the page*. By the way, mages are awesome. And my favourite class in several video games, especially Fire Emblem and Battle for Wesnoth.

  • Hello and greetings from the Void, troper.....At least I'm not the confused one, ha-ha! -A Vandal...FROM THE VOID!!!

  • I likez name - neobowman, your resident deluded kid.

  • Blasted treasonous Angle. I'll see you rot for that- Warmest Regards, Faux.
    • Says the man who backstabbed his closest ALLY on the LAST TURN just to SPITE me. Dammit, Faux, I'm your loyal ally!
      • Kaiser Falsoph's Military Industrial Complex: Brutal Revenge. Brutal Efficency. Brutal Savings.
      • And I helped. I think. -ReDead

  • Hellooooo! ~ betterthanstrawberry

  • Yo! ~ That Human
    • Oi!

  • Liberated Liberater was here.
    • To spread happiness, no doubt!

    • Also, I don't really like being touched... I have to go see someone else about adding things I DON'T LIKE to my page >_>. (not you) ~ still TARDISES

  • and I happen to run into having to do it AGAIN in one of hte other threads. ~ TARDISES

You would stand against me, little devil?! You serve a power that does not even control this place, one who stays locked up with her books, weak, and helpless! You say you'll put in your heart and soul. I say I'll take your heart and soul, and take them back to Hakugyokurou as a souvenir! I'll get Youmu to cook them, and they'll be delicious! It's all part of my mystical midnight snack tour, you see. Can't have a snack tour without snacks.

But, if you insist on fighting me... well, let's do this fairly. With the part where I make you die and things. That's fairly, right? Fair fair fair! Unless, of course, you're willing to step aside. But it doesn't look like you're about to do that. ...More stubborn than Youmu when she's in one of her moods, you are.

...Nonono. I got it all wrong. If you're challenging me, you must want to die! It's all clear! ...Don't understand why you'd want to do that, though. Although, Hakugyokurou is most beautiful at this time of year. You don't have to die to go there, though. Ask the shrine maiden. Or the black-white witch. ...Or the dog of the devil, who lives here, actually. ...She does still live here, right?

Nevermind this. I came here to get snacks, and get snacks I will! Stand not in my way, or you will join the rest of the spirits! PREPARE YOURSELF, LITTLE DEMON!

Phantasmal Princess: Yuyuko Saigyouji

Prepare to be derived! I'm eradicating you from my spatial co-ordinates!

Resurrection Butterfly -80% Reflowering-!

- Saigyouji

Couldn't resist the urge to vandalize.. go Koakuma x Miku! Yay! ~ Stephan Reiken

The faeries wish to know if as an archmage you have any relation to the Luskan Host Tower. - a faerie

I couldn't resist saying hello to you...-smiles- My name's Frances, but you can either call me Frankie or Kell. -Frankiefoster

Reading your page is fun. :) - Jiven

Hello? Anyone there? -holds out a dart gun, thinking you're a zombie-

  • Hi! Thought I might visit you for a change.-abstractematics
    • But you're no longer Patchouli. GET OOOOOOOT!

  • Rifles ready, little brother. One of these days, on the killing fields of Angoville, we'll meet again...and you'll earn your victory. —Sabre's Edge
    • Err, sir, it appears that our everything just got wiped out, and enemy tanks are headed this way...

Were you away? I haven't seen you in some time.-abstractematics