How would a character overcome being the 'normal' guy?:

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I don't where to put this but eactly as the the titles syas, how would a character overocome being the only normal guy in a group filled with larger than life characters or heroes? How would Bob deal with being a normal person who doesn't have powers or an awesome personality in a group filled with such indivudals? Are they cases where this had been done already?
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He could go for becoming a Badass Normal.

Or go and seek out some weird power source, such as making a wish to a genie for powers - that usually backfires badly, so I'd find it very interesting to see a story where it doesn't.
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[up] That would be a n interesting subversion of thisbut what about those who still inadequat despite having powers or skills?
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Are you familiar with Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender? He can't bend like the others, but he's a skilled fighter with the boomerang and... that other weapon. He's also got a sense of humor that he's not afraid of using.

Ah yes, in Inuyasha Sango is the only character in the titular party who is both human and void of intrinsic abilities * . She makes up for this by using weapons made from the bones of exterminated youkai.

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Oh yeah, there's that. Gather up artifacts with useful effects and make sure you know how to use them.

Also, many Chessmaster characters are a threat despite having no or minimally-useful powers. Good strategy counts for a lot.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
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Are they cases where this had been done already?

Yes, it's called The Team Normal.

I have a character like this in my own superhero series, and she's just fine with it. Everyone in her family and close circle of friends seems to have some sort of power or quirk, but she treats them just like she would everybody else, and they do the same for her. They're really all just people. This character really tries her best to live a normal life, although lending a hand whenever she can to help with her family's endeavors at fighting crime. She rarely feels envious of her friend's talents, because she knows she has talents of her own. She feels no need to be abnormal like everybody else, she is who she is, and nobody expects anything different from her.

Overall, there's nothing wrong with being normal and is not necessarily something that needs to be "overcome". Normal people can do extraordinary things while still being normal. They don't have to be great at combat or have a super big brain, or have an unstoppable will. They've just got to believe in themselves and stick to what they're good at.
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