What is this disease? I need help, my character suffers from it....?:

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Or go on one of those websites that "diagnose" you based on symptoms you input. They usually give you something terrible anyway.
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Oh god, looks like I caused a bit of trouble. =S Sorry about that. DX

Thanks for the help everyone, I'll spend a while looking into those diseases and stuff, try and take your advice. =D

@robintherose- I don't know much about this particular condition, as you can see XD, but I'd know a bit about other mobility diseases, I've got one, and one of my friends has arthritis. I had physio today, and I'm on crutches myself at the moment so yeah. XD So I do know a bit about this kind of thing. =D I don't want to put in any Unfortunate Implications, and the story isn't about the disability, it's about other stuff going on in this person's life. I just know this one's disabled, in the same way I know their eye colour and hair colour and skin colour. It's not important to the story, it's just something about the character. idk if that makes any sense, but I hope I kind of explained it hahaha. XD I'm trying to write it as best as I can, so I'm very grateful for any advice. =D

Thanks again everyone. =D
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[up] Not your fault that the thread got hijacked by someone else, no need to apologise.

And yeah, I think that makes perfect sense. I'm interested to see how this story turns out, so keep us posted and good luck. smile
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@Other person, I forget your name-I'm sorry about being rude, I really am, but you can't deny that disabled people aren't able to do everything normal people can. Maybe I phrased it badly, I'm sorry, but I just feel they can't do interesting things, and thus make boring protagonists. I could be wrong, maybe the OP can do a good job writing their story. I just don't think so. But I'm really, truly sorry for being offensive.

There are so many levels that this is both wrong and offensive, not for characters as much as saying "people". They often excel in areas 'normal' people cannot, and can be very strong people because of their weakness. They have to over come it, and that takes much more strength than it does for a normal person, and that struggle can make a great and inspiring story. I am 'disabled' from mental illness, and I am far from "uninteresting".

The struggle of the disease can actually be a whole plot. Disabled people are people too, and so are disabled characters characters too. Realism and depth of a character does not come from abilities or skill, it comes from the personality of the person. It comes from being able to relate to them, that is, empathy.

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[up] This. [awesome]

I guess my own story is automatically going to be boring because my protagonist is a frail, elderly man who is too weak to use magic anymore, not because he tries to arrange a political coup. I guess my other planned plotline is boring because the protagonist is blind with a heart defect, not because he rises in the theater circuit and plays a relatively famous villain.

There are so many things wrong with that comment. It spits in the face of every last person on this planet who happens to not be in completely perfect health.

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