Needs Refining: Good Is Boring

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As it stands, the definition has a number of problems

1. Overreliance on Balance Of Good and Evil Connecting evil to chaos and good to order. Evil to chaos and chaos to 'any sort of interest' and then that 'interest' to 'sin'. Good to order and order to oppression and oppression to 'killjoy'. Essentially that 'evil is fun' when the defintion latter claims that there's plenty of fun stuff that isn't evil. It takes three paragraphs just to build up the case and without it the entire article falls apart.

2. Missing the point; conflict not evil. I think it more follow what the page quotes say 'Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens'. In a perfect place (I.E. Heaven) there is no trouble and no conflict and thus no story. THAT'S why its boring. There are no villains in Heaven and so there's nothing for heroes to do and so the only story can be what a great time they're having. It would be boring for the audience. Its not that evil is fun(which is what the definition says now) but that ''conflict is fun'. Like the Order of the Stick example says 'monsters just strong enough to challenge you', because there's no fun in pushover monsters.

3. Other tropes can strengthen it Why isn't The Villain Makes the Plot mentioned? It comes up in the examples like the Charles Dickens one. Villains Act, Heroes React is another one and goes along with the page quote. There are no villains in Heaven and so no plot.

Examples like Chocolat should go to Writer on Board or some Aseop trope. The Charmed example, which already has fridge logic written in, should goo to Balance Between Good and Evil because that's what the example states it is an example of. At no point does it say either world was more fun or more boring.

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Just a word of advice: that first paragraph is all but unreadable.

Could you put some spaces in there, please?
Sorry, it's fixed it now. Anything else?
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I see the Awesomeness.
1) to be fair, this is most often how I see this trope occurring.

2) not sure what the problem is

3) you can fix this yourself as most tropes should have a "related tropes" paragraph.
[up] The first problem is the trope doesn't say 'good is boring' but 'evil is fun and therefore good is boring'. The second problem is the concept 'evil is fun' which the defintion already says isn't true.
What I would like to do is replace Balance Between Good and Evil with Order vs. Chaos because the latter is more to the point.

Also, I'd like to remove 'Good is Oppressive' language because that's not what this trope is about. Its about good being boring not oppressive.
Black Sheep Girl
There's a lot of possibility for overlap there
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Between boring and oppressive, or between Balance and Versus?
If I can do nothing else, what I'd like to do is divorce this trope from Balance Between Good and Evil because that leads examples of that trope ending up here. The 'too good' place being boring needs to be in-universe, and not just 'too orderly'/'not enough chaos/evil'.
I may have fixed the complaints regarding this page.

Linked to the Order Versus Chaos page just in case, as that seemed to be the main root of the problem.
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