Microsoft offer to students: get a $700+ Win7 PC, get a 360 free:

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Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
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If that deals available on newegg too, then that'd be awesome, as I'll most likely get a laptop through them sometime before the summer is out if things go well moneywise.

If not...then eh.
Yep, a fucking deal alright. If you built your own PC for 700 bucks (or used one of Tom's Hardware builds. Even if you had to pay an IT friend 50 bucks to put it in one piece and install windows for you if you are truely incompetent) you could run most of the 360 "exclusives" (seriously, there are like... 6 "exclusives" that aren't on the PC or Kinect games) better than an Xbox 360.

Spending 700 bucks on a PC from a manufacturer is a horrible idea. At best it's outdated, at the (surprisingly common) worst it doesn't work and they knew that it didn't work when they sold it to you and aren't quick with your warranty claim.

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Jonah Falcon
Except my PC was from a manufacturer and is an awesome rig that only cost $700 (though I bought my own gfx card.)

What are you talking about "exclusives"? There are console exclusives (LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, etc). Face Palm.

PS. There's something I like to call a "warranty".

Are you actually telling people not to buy a $700 PC to not get a free Xbox 360? grin

PS. You built your own laptops, too? [lol]

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Jonah Falcon
360 exclusives, not console exclusives (note: You listed 2 games on the PS3 as well).

Why don't you look up how nice and quick Dell and co are with warranty claims (try reading my post next time, because I said exactly that).

You don't need to spend 700 bucks for a laptop either.

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Jonah Falcon
... trying to follow your logic here.

Why the fuck would someone getting a free 360 for purchasing a PC worry about whether the games were on the PS3? [lol]

Why the fuck would a PS3 owner pass up getting a 360 if they were buying a PC or a laptop? [lol]

Sounds to me like a PS3 fanboy telling someone to build their own PC with no warranty or support to avoid getting a free 360. Amiright? [lol]
Jonah Falcon
7 MisterC20th May 2011 09:42:48 AM from roughly over there , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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My my my, that IS a sweet deal. One of my computer conveniently needs to be upgraded (I think it has 8 or 10 years...)

And then I'd have a PS3* AND an Xbox 360.

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Jonah Falcon

The best part is that most desktops for $700 can have the hardware to run some hot games. Especially if you do what I did - get a $700 PC with tons of power but an on-board graphics chip, and shell out $200-$250 for a good card.
Jonah Falcon
At 700 bucks, you can easily build a PC that will run all the 360 games also on the PC (which is most), but they aren't valid for the offer. Spending 700 bucks on a pre-built PC is stupid.

Yeah, I'm doubting your computer is as good as you think it is if you spent 700s, got it from a manufactor, and it didn't have a graphics card.

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Jonah Falcon
So... you want to build a PC that mods 360 games? No pirates allowed. surprised

And you keep assuming people don't want a free 360.

Little hint: I've built P Cs. Guess what? They're not better than pre-built. Oh, and a hint: you can mod your orders with Dell, etc. My Dell PC's have lasted far far far longer than pre-built. I should know - my emergency Dell is right next to this PC and it may be 5 years old, but it still helps out in an emergency. It's good for Diablo II lan games, too.

Again, you keep saying most 360 games are PC games. Stop including multiplatform 360/PS3 games in that mix. Getting a PC + 360 is very attractive because people can play PC and not-PC games with a PC/360 (not to mention the software in the PC/360 that allows them to communicate.)

Just... stop. You sound like a PS3 fanboy.

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Jonah Falcon
No, simply the ones with PC ports (which again, is almost all the non-Kinect ones)
Jonah Falcon
Edited above.

And I repeat, stop. Just stop. You sound like a PS3 fanboy.
Jonah Falcon
13 Neo_Crimson20th May 2011 09:57:47 AM from behind your lines.
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Nah he's a PC fanboy.[lol]
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^x2 Nah, then he'd be gushing about some back-to-school promotion by Sony where if one bought a VAIO laptop, one would get a free PS3. Oh how I wish...

Personally, I'd consider it, if it weren't for the fact that PCs have historically been virus magnets for me.
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If I'm spending 700 bucks on a PC, I can alreddy run most of the 360's games on it, get them 10 bucks (often less) cheaper and have them preform better. That's simply fact.
I dont the issue is with Xbox's I think the real issue is why buy a prebuilt PC when you can build a better and cheaper one?

The side of the issue I am seeing is that you could build an equally qualified PC and buy and X-Box 360 anyways and still break even.

Also yeah Xbox is lacking on exclusives they have ported a lot of games to the pc.

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I want that 360, even if I have one, just in casegrin
18 RocketDude20th May 2011 05:20:30 PM from AZ, United States
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Eh, I'll just stick with my Gateway FX6850-51u with Steam games on it.

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