Tropers / Mister C

I claim this troper page as my own. :3 - Hobgoblin

After muchnote  negotiation, I've been able to reclaimnote  this page as my own.

Welcome to my new and improved Troper's page! Now with 80% less useless stuff!

Okay, so a few facts about me:

I hail from Québec, currently studying to become a software engineer, licensed skydiver, incredibly shynote . My hobby are mainly video games and surfing the net.

As for my contribution to the TV Tropes, I mainly just add examples or correct existing one. Never created a page myself, not even this onenote .

Meanwhile, any of you troper who had the (mis)fortune to find this page, feel free to wreak havoc below.

One day I will own this page again. >:3 - Hobgoblin

I've vandalized this page like I've vandalized your brother's. Vigorously. -Vuther A

Sup. - Naspah

I'm reading through the Dark Souls thread, and I find the fact that you went into the Tomb of the Giants early equal parts awesome and hilarious. -gumbal1

You are the angriest and fuzziest moth I've ever seen! Yes you are, yes you are! -QuestionMarc