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LA Noir is Released
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LA Noir is Released:

Finally got my hands on it and played it for a few hours last night. Now I can't say much about the game, because talking about even the smallest story details will ruin some point of the plot - but I can say that it's definately of the GTAIV or Red Dead Redemption caliber.

This is the kind of game where being one of those nitpicky detail geeks actually pays off. Making sure that you approach situations with as much evidence as possible before asking the suspects any questions is critical, and then seeing their facial reactions (which starts out sorta in the uncanny valley, but slowly grows on you and becomes amazing) is just as important. Unfortunately it looks like I'm not that good with judging the faces -I'm misinterpreting the meaning behind wandering eyes and blinking, or I'm not used to the interrogation system yet.

P.S. I'm kinda surpised that nobody's been chattering about this game yet, especially since it's the sort that's heavy on story and astute attention to the little details. Thought it would be a troper magnet or something...
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I disagree with it being the same caliber as GTAIV and RDR. Really the only similarity with L.A. Noire and GTAIV is that their both sandbox games.

edited 18th May '11 1:21:48 AM by SorrowsNeptune

CALIBER actually just means "as good as" in this case, not similar simply up to a high standard.

Oh, my bad.

...Still worth mentioning though.

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 5 Troll Post, Wed, 18th May '11 2:25:59 AM from troll post crusher

[up]...I think we've got a spambot guys...
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It looks great, though a kitten dies every time a developer abandons the PC.

To be fair that may be just Team Bondi, not Rockstar.
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So is it an actual game, or is it a really long cliched movie with little interactive bits, or worse, quicktime events?
[up] Well, was LA Noire made by Quantic Dream? There's your answer.

 11 Infinite Paragon, Wed, 18th May '11 11:38:39 AM from Texas Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
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L.A. Noire is not Heavy Rain. Its investigation and interrogation heavy, not Press X to "JASON?!"

No offense, of course.

Its a lot more... linear than i expected. It doesn't seem as free-roam as you'd think. At least to me, it doesn't
Evii's in the middle of using the bathroom on campus. Suddenly, he lifts his head. "GOTCHA FORCE... TINGLING."
Eh, that seems fine to me but I can see why some people wouldn't like it.

 13 Infinite Paragon, Wed, 18th May '11 3:08:56 PM from Texas Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
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Yes, if you suffer from anything resembling Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!

Then this game is not for you.
Evii's in the middle of using the bathroom on campus. Suddenly, he lifts his head. "GOTCHA FORCE... TINGLING."
I take it there's no combat?

What can you do in the sandbox that doesn't involve gathering evidence for the main story?

 15 Seamus, Wed, 18th May '11 4:31:40 PM from the Quantum Savanna
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There's combat. I don't have the game, but there's achievements for getting a certain amount of headshots.
 16 Infinite Paragon, Wed, 18th May '11 5:23:11 PM from Texas Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
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I believe there are firefights and chases, not only on foot but possibly in cars, but i can't verify that last bit yet.

edited 18th May '11 5:23:24 PM by InfiniteParagon

Evii's in the middle of using the bathroom on campus. Suddenly, he lifts his head. "GOTCHA FORCE... TINGLING."
You Have Failed Me Brain
Yep. Both foot chases and car chases. And car chases that end in foot chases. And foot chases that end in car chases.

Don't expect any epic shootouts though - a situation involving 5 armed suspects vs. 2 cops is considered to be a serious firefight, and the biggests guns you'll get are pump-action shotguns or a tommygun. Most of them are going to be against 1 or 2 suspects, at most.
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There's plenty of shootouts and chases, but most of them are found in the side-quests. The actual story cases are for the most past, simply you searching for clues and interrogating suspects.

(At least, as far I can tell. I'm only 4 hours into the game.)

edited 19th May '11 12:25:17 AM by SorrowsNeptune

So it's mafia but on the other side of the law? I'm totally okay with that. Probably going to rent it, beat and then never play it again. Looks fun though.
 21 lolacat, Thu, 19th May '11 4:47:08 PM from Vancouver Island
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I think i'm going to rent this to see what it's like.
Seeing all these piss ant tropers trying to talk tough makes me laugh. If Matrix were here, he'd laugh too.
Apparently the PS3 version is causing some consoles to overheat and the 360 one locks up a lot.

This is why you don't buy new releases kids.

 23 Rationalinsanity, Thu, 19th May '11 9:20:21 PM from Nova Scotia, Canada Relationship Status: Not war
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[up]Any source on that?

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