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Facts about Exploder:

  • Malaysian of Chinese descent (though heavily Westernised)
  • Able to speak English, Chinese, Malay, and some German
  • Engineering student

I've written this, sequel to this. If you read either, please leave a review (whether here or on It's a Sonic the Hedgehog fic with a somewhat prominent human OC who isn't a teenage high-schooler.

Some of my favourite works:

    Live Action TV 

     Film (both live action and animated) 

     Video Games 

Tropes that apply to Exploder:

Vandalism section:
  • Oh hey! I'm a Chinese Malaysian troper too! - Tenorphin
    • 嘿。马华人和讲华语的人在这里很罕见。
    • 是啊,可惜呢。