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9th Oct 14 10:42:06Film.X Men Days Of Future Past
2nd Aug 14 06:50:01Film.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
10th Jun 14 10:18:56Series.Twentyfour
24th Apr 14 05:56:01Video Game.Resident Evil 6
21st Feb 14 12:25:01Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
21st Feb 14 12:23:46Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
4th Feb 14 06:49:28New Old West
29th Jan 14 11:05:47Shout Out.Deus Ex Human Revolution
29th Jan 14 11:05:32Shout Out.Deus Ex Human Revolution
29th Jan 14 11:05:02Shout Out.Deus Ex Human Revolution
29th Jan 14 11:03:16Shout Out.Deus Ex Human Revolution
6th Jan 14 06:29:35Headscratchers.The Fast And The Furious
31st Dec 13 06:06:12Starts With A Suicide
31st Dec 13 06:05:59Starts With A Suicide
12th Dec 13 09:54:21Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:21:58Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:17:53Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:11:12Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:10:20Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:06:42Hong Kong Films
12th Dec 13 09:06:13Hong Kong Films
12th Dec 13 09:05:32Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:04:47Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:02:25Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 09:02:04Film.Firestorm
12th Dec 13 08:59:10Film.Firestorm
14th Nov 13 01:40:04Funny.Homeland
12th Nov 13 08:39:56Video Game.Call Of Duty Ghosts
5th Nov 13 05:11:14Video Game.Call Of Duty Ghosts
4th Nov 13 05:32:18Video Game.Call Of Duty Ghosts
2nd Nov 13 09:50:57Video Game.Call Of Duty Ghosts
15th Sep 13 07:11:16Given Name Reveal
15th Sep 13 07:09:56Given Name Reveal
15th Sep 13 07:09:04Given Name Reveal
10th Sep 13 10:58:23Whos On First
6th Sep 13 08:38:08Funny.Borderlands 2
17th Aug 13 10:12:39Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
1st Aug 13 09:23:00Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
1st Aug 13 09:16:29Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
21st Jul 13 10:09:09Borderlands2.Tropes D To N
18th Jul 13 02:13:36Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
17th Jul 13 01:37:11Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
17th Jul 13 12:36:20Game Breaker.Borderlands
17th Jul 13 12:31:43Game Breaker.Borderlands
17th Jul 13 12:31:01Game Breaker.Borderlands
26th Jun 13 02:01:10Heartwarming.Borderlands 2
26th Jun 13 08:45:29Borderlands2.Tropes D To N
20th Jun 13 11:58:56Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
11th Jun 13 11:22:15Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
9th Jun 13 01:26:29He Panned It Now He Sucks
7th Jun 13 09:17:52Funny.Borderlands 2
10th May 13 05:15:03Characters.Borderlands 2
27th Apr 13 04:39:16Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
25th Apr 13 06:32:51Self Fulfilling Prophecy
19th Apr 13 09:35:29Anachronism Stew.Films With No Good Excuse
19th Apr 13 09:34:01Anachronism Stew.Films With No Good Excuse
17th Apr 13 02:22:16Website.Twitter
17th Apr 13 02:22:13Trivia.Twitter
17th Apr 13 02:20:09Website.Twitter
20th Mar 13 12:17:48Game Breaker.Borderlands
13th Mar 13 10:11:38Item Farming
13th Mar 13 10:11:27Item Farming
13th Mar 13 10:10:53Item Farming
13th Mar 13 10:10:21Item Farming
22nd Feb 13 05:49:46Future Music
20th Feb 13 10:24:51Borderlands2.Tropes D To N
16th Feb 13 11:38:39Western RPG
16th Feb 13 01:13:40Faux Fluency
30th Jan 13 05:34:42Third Person Person.Real Life
16th Jan 13 06:53:18Iconic Item
16th Jan 13 06:51:19Iconic Item
16th Jan 13 06:49:26Iconic Item
15th Jan 13 10:29:56Pretty Little Headshots
13th Jan 13 05:51:21Spell.Real Life
12th Jan 13 07:16:46Video Game.Max Payne
4th Jan 13 12:17:53The Perfect Crime
22nd Dec 12 11:12:15No Endor Holocaust
17th Dec 12 06:10:29Video Game.Max Payne
17th Dec 12 05:03:33Characters.Homeland
27th Nov 12 10:25:50Fanfic Recs.Sonic The Hedgehog
27th Nov 12 10:25:01Fanfic Recs.Sonic The Hedgehog
27th Nov 12 10:23:03Fanfic Recs.Sonic The Hedgehog
27th Nov 12 04:05:11Headscratchers.Skyfall
19th Nov 12 10:19:26Disproportionate Retribution.Video Games
19th Nov 12 10:17:54Disproportionate Retribution.Video Games
8th Nov 12 06:42:50Film.Euro Trip
29th Oct 12 08:03:53All Germans Are Nazis
11th Oct 12 05:37:10Funny.Borderlands 2
5th Oct 12 01:19:25Shout Out.Borderlands 2
14th Sep 12 09:48:19Film.Three Idiots
14th Sep 12 09:47:53Film.Three Idiots
14th Sep 12 09:47:07Film.Three Idiots
14th Sep 12 09:46:52Film.Three Idiots
31st Aug 12 08:06:36Headscratchers.Max Payne
20th Aug 12 06:16:08Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
16th Jul 12 04:23:28Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
21st Jun 12 11:16:57Headscratchers.Alpha Protocol
11th Jun 12 07:18:23Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
6th Jun 12 10:25:02No Antagonist
6th Jun 12 06:33:17Web Video.Extra Credits
5th Jun 12 01:45:00Creator.Square Enix
5th Jun 12 01:37:03Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
5th Jun 12 01:36:50Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
5th Jun 12 01:35:43True Crime Streets Of LA
5th Jun 12 01:35:20Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
5th Jun 12 01:31:53Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
5th Jun 12 01:30:49Video Game.Sleeping Dogs
14th Apr 12 10:48:31Film.Battleship
14th Apr 12 10:46:17Film.Battleship
14th Apr 12 10:44:02Film.Battleship
29th Mar 12 06:07:08Fan Fic.Training Tails
29th Mar 12 06:04:01Fan Fic.Training Tails
29th Mar 12 06:03:38Fan Fic.Training Tails
29th Mar 12 06:03:17Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 05:24:33Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 05:20:15Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 05:06:22Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:40:57Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:22:35Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:19:14Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:18:32Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:18:18Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:16:00Fan Fic.Video Games
28th Mar 12 04:15:30Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:15:00Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:11:08Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:10:39Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 04:09:55Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 03:53:59Fan Fic.Training Tails
28th Mar 12 03:52:40Fan Fic.Training Tails
3rd Mar 12 04:51:33Extra Credits
26th Jan 12 10:41:31Completely Different Title
18th Jan 12 05:34:22Extra Credits
18th Jan 12 05:30:23Extra Credits
14th Jan 12 02:18:25Full Name Basis
12th Jan 12 01:15:41Full Name Basis
12th Jan 12 01:14:54Full Name Basis
8th Jan 12 02:12:27Max Payne
2nd Jan 12 12:39:28Tropers.Exploder
28th Dec 11 11:45:05Video Game.Fear Effect
27th Dec 11 04:40:46Film.Mission Impossible
27th Dec 11 04:40:13Film.Mission Impossible
27th Dec 11 04:39:48Film.Mission Impossible
27th Dec 11 04:38:54Film.Mission Impossible
27th Dec 11 04:38:06Film.Mission Impossible
27th Dec 11 04:36:51Film.Mission Impossible
27th Nov 11 06:35:14Headscratchers.Call Of Duty
20th Nov 11 08:36:15Laser Sight
20th Nov 11 08:33:28Laser Sight
20th Nov 11 08:33:02Laser Sight
16th Nov 11 10:14:42Headscratchers.Sonic The Hedgehog
6th Nov 11 10:07:10Modern Warfare
6th Nov 11 10:05:26Modern Warfare
25th Oct 11 11:21:42Invaded States Of America
25th Oct 11 11:09:36Tropers.Exploder
23rd Oct 11 01:09:01Laconic.Cunning Linguist
17th Oct 11 10:48:02Video Game.Rage
17th Oct 11 10:47:19Video Game.Rage
10th Oct 11 12:13:33Badass Decay
10th Oct 11 12:07:25Badass Decay
10th Oct 11 12:05:49Badass Decay
5th Oct 11 08:59:19Headscratchers.Deus Ex Human Revolution
26th Sep 11 08:41:00Wham Line
21st Sep 11 12:20:12Acceptable Political Targets
19th Sep 11 05:30:01Laser Hallway
19th Sep 11 05:29:22Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
16th Sep 11 01:25:40Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution

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