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I don't think those rules reflect much; To Kill a Mockingbird was Harper Lee's first (and only) novel, for instance, and I don't know of any reams of practice writing that preceded it. It's just that, even if you're a fantastic writer, that's no guarantee of success.
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VS Naipaul tried writing under a pseudonym and his manuscripts got rejected by publishing companies IIRC.
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^ Considering how publishing works, that actually isn't much of a shocker. The fact that everyone gets rejected at some point is one of the biggest things underlining why getting a lot of rejection slips isn't something that should send you into a fit of depression. And that's not even getting into the whole "name branding" discussion...
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^ Madeline L'Engel got rejected so much she tried to quit writing altogether.

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I find it highly amusing how many times a writer gets rejected. Imagine thirty-nine publishing companies lameting that they reject that Rowling girl fourteen years or so ago.

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