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So, I got this game 2 days ago and just did the EX ending. Now, I get 90% of the plot, but one aspect confuses me: How is ending D canon? It obviously is, what with the whole Parental Incest vibe of ending E, and Eike's link to the Wagners. But it doesn't make any sense. If Wolfgang Wagner banished Homunculus right after getting eternal youth, and getting his memory wiped, how the hell is Homunculus still around to save Eike's life and send him on his time hopping adventures? And I get that Eike has no memory of his parents or childhood, but how come he doesn't remember living from the 16th centuyry to the 21st? Homunculus only erased his memories of his life as Wolfgang Wagner. He would still remember everything afterward.

So yeah, how does this make sense.

Also, ending B2 (Find Homunculus in the 80's), Eike is a douchebag.

Also also: Yes, I'm aware it's called Shadow Of Destiny in the US. Well, everyone else calls it Shadow Of Memories.

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