Player/GM recruitment thread:

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51 IraTheSquire24th Oct 2012 07:00:16 PM from No idea. Measuring speed
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[up][up][up] There's also Apocalypse World/Dungeon World.

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52 DiurnalBrocolli25th Oct 2012 02:53:38 AM from The Sunken Wawanakwa Island (SEND HELP!) , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
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You have to blame a friend for bringing me to this thread; I mentioned trying out one of these.
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Getting set up for a D&D 3.5 homebrew campaign (massive homemade setting) via skype. Have most slots filled but thought I'd drop a line on here and see if anyone would be interested.

Requirements would be: High (or at least decent) quality mic, a basic knowledge of D&D's ruleset, a slightly flexible schedule, and a sense of fun (munchkins are killed on sight).
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54 TheyCallMeTomu15th Dec 2012 12:43:14 AM , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
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Potentially looking for a 4th member (leader) for my online 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game. It has a fair amount of house rules. If you're curious, head on over the http://schism.wikidot.com

PM me here and we'll start a discussion. Still not 100% sure that I'm replacing this guy, but it sounds like it, and right now would be the best time to do it.
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