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Little Shop of Horrors Tattoos:

I'm paying tribute to my favorite musical with a tattoo...probably (my mom's still not completely sure).

I have no idea what to do. It just has to be related to LSOH. Please help.

I want it to have as little to do with the plant as possible, because I don't like how people think the plant is what the show is about. To me, it's about Seymour's descent. I want something related to that part of the story. ...But I can't show a picture of the original off-Broadway actors, because they're unrecognizable.. And I can't show a picture of the movie actors, because I personally did not enjoy it for reasons I will not go into.

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 2 cheeseypoofs, Sat, 16th Apr '11 5:10:23 PM from my happy place
[up] Maybe you can do the broadway revival actors. They're not completely unrecognizable. I also think you shouldn't exclude the plant just yet, because Seymour's descent has so much to do with the plant.
I know. The plant has EVERYTHING to do with what happens to Seymour, but most people leave the show thinking it was about a funny plant who eats people "and stuff". They generally forget the fact that Seymour killed people.

I don't want to encourage this.
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Problem is, being a stage production, the plant is the only thing in the show with a consistent appearance.
I know. It's quite the dilemma. Maybe going with the plant WOULD be okay as long as I never call Little Shop of Horrors a show about a man-eating plant. The plant is symbolic, and it makes me upset when people don't get this.

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It's easy, mmkay?
Not the best example. More like

At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
XD You're right.

That's going to be my response from now on.

Person A: Little Shop of Horrors is about a man-eating plant. It's really funny!

Me: If that's true, then Faust is about a devil. It's really funny!

I owe you, P Down.
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Okay, I guess I'll do Twoey.


Not only does that sound awesome, but the lack of color would make it cheap!

Anypony got an Audrey II silhouette?
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