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Wii HD By E3?
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Wii HD By E3?:

 51 Sabbo, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 7:11:01 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
[up][up]Yes, I admit that people may very well think of that, but why did you mention a hobo, and why was he peeing in his pants specifically?

[up]Try thinking of "Wii Stream" as "A stream of wee". That's the entirety of the toilet humor here.

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 52 lee4hmz, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 7:26:36 AM from Giant Not-A-Base
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Also, Sabbo's pic on the last page made me giggle, because it reminded me of the strange launch ads for Infiniti back in 1989 or so.
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This is apparently what it looks like.

Rumors posted by Kotaku Joystiq state:

  • Codename is ‘Project Cafe‘
  • Controller will include a touch screen (latest rumors today measured it at 6.2inches)
  • Hardware is similar to the Xbox360
  • Controller has a built-in front-facing camera
  • Features backwards Wii game compatibility
  • 8 buttons and 2 analog sticks

 54 Spooky Mask, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 11:02:41 AM from Corner in round room Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Insert title
^I can't decide my opinion on the project name.(if that is true)
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 55 del diablo, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 12:18:09 PM from Somewher in mid Norway
Den harde nordmann
I love poorly fabricated rumors <3
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Jonah Falcon
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Jonah Falcon
 57 thatother1dude, Fri, 22nd Apr '11 4:24:06 PM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
Heaven's Punishment
[up][up]Seriously, IGN is acting like 2/3 of this is confirmed.
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They also have an anonymous source (to us, not to them) giving them information. While they're almost certainly not right about most of it, they're probably not too far off.
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Fart. My Wii is having problems reading dual-layered discs, I'm trying to replace my PS2, I haven't any money for the 3DS, and NOW they're announcing a better Wii console? The timing couldn't have been worse for me. (> m <)
 60 Cronosonic, Mon, 25th Apr '11 3:53:26 AM from Sydney Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
New console at e3 pretty much confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

Anyway, think about all the stuff we've heard so far, assuming that it is indeed true - it's a mixture of Nintendo's efforts starting from Four Swords Adventures, and stealing the thunder of one of the NGP's features. The idea of being able to have portable screens for each player would be rather clever, and for single-player, there's still the option to play your games in front of a big screen. You can play Cafe games anywhere in the house (including bathroom breaks), and if you can be bothered to take the console with you, anywhere with a power source - HD gaming while negating the need for a HD TV. Brilliant.

That sounds a bit redundant to the 3DS, especially if the controllers are available as their own SKU, and act like a really cheesy mobile console.


 62 Cronosonic, Mon, 25th Apr '11 5:31:55 AM from Sydney Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Not really. Sure, it's more portable just on the very notion that you won't need a TV, but if the console is as large as the 360 as the rumors claim, you obviously wouldn't be using it on car trips.

Anyway, official information about the new console from Nintendo:

  • Tentative release date of June 2012.
  • Controller screen resolution of 800x500.
  • Can play games, watch movies, and more without turning on the TV by just streaming them to the controllers. Can stream to multiple controllers at once.
  • Each controller acts a terminal, with the console doing all of the calculations to reduce latency, controller cost, and bandwidth requirements.

 63 Kayeka, Mon, 25th Apr '11 8:49:06 AM from Amsterdam Relationship Status: Brony
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Wow, that source doesn't look easy to fake at all.
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Are you sarcastic?

It's Nintendo of Japan's website. A direct link to a file on it. Note the address.
 65 thatother1dude, Mon, 25th Apr '11 9:13:47 AM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
Heaven's Punishment
[up]That page is real, but everything in Cronosonic's following post is completely sourceless. All the press release does say is:
  • Sometime in 2012, after the end of this fiscal year (March 2012), Nintendo will release a successor to the Wii.
  • There will be a playable demo of it at E3 this year.
Giant, flaming, and horrifying is the head that wears the fez.
Jonah Falcon
Confirmed via press release. In English. To gaming journalists here in NA.
Jonah Falcon
 67 Cronosonic, Mon, 25th Apr '11 10:37:17 AM from Sydney Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Yeah, that was bugging me as well, I managed to get the source. Turns out it was from GAF, though info from GAF is pretty hard to beat...

Though, the guy I got the source from says he's pretty sure the resolution was announced by Nintendo, he's just not sure when or where.

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Stream, eh? When I first read it I misread it as Steam and worried about the possible confusion. It does sound interesting. If true, this could be the next step towards the gamification of household electronics.

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Jonah Falcon
Now the rumor are controllers have back facing cameras.
Jonah Falcon
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