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Tropers: Braincogs
Braincogs is a troper at TV Tropes, who posts on the TV Tropes forum.

I didn't start this page, but since someone else did I might as well add to it. So I'm Braincogs, but you can call me Cogs. I'm a young American man.

I'm kind of an easy going guy. I also like collecting avatars. I used to be a regular hoster and player of the Werewolf (Mafia) games in the Forum Games section. I'm also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and that's all I can think to add right now.

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Vandalism section

  • Hey, another LDS troper? That makes two of us! :D ~Aliroz The Confused.
  • Oh man, you're a raocow and an Extra Credits fan! That's pretty great! —jcruz
  • Returning the favor. Thanks for that. -Unobtainable Cheese
  • Hey there. Just posting here 'cause one good vandalism deserves another, and to complain about all these weirdos that keep using crazy anime chicks as avatars. Place looks like it's got 50% more girls than it has. —Artemis92
    • There actually are quite a lot of girls on Tvtropes. And that reminds me of how I used to use avatar galleries to determine gender; if the avatars were exclusively male or had a lot of "sexy girls" I would guess male. If way more than half of the female avatars weren't sexy, then I would guess female. 'Course it's all redundant ever since I started using troper pages. ~ Cogs
  • My expansion is ever growing for each troper that vandalises me shall be vandalised unto them...something like that, I think....
  • Hi! Cogs! GearLeader
    • Wow, I almost forgot the other clockwork-named troper. Crazy. ~ Cogs
  • Enzeru procrastinating at the helm. Mayday. MAYDAY!!!!
  • The faeries have found your page and left something on it. - a faerie minion It's a vandalism :P
  • Good Morning, troper(at least where i am), and look! I has a gifted for youz!!! here you go!!!!
  • As an act of community service, I have whitewashed my own vandalism! Sakan4k
  • THAT MAKES THREE PEOPLE WHO ARE LDS!!! boyah!! GillyGirl32
  • Sorry about The Game, I know how much you wanted to beat the bandits, but hey. Life's life. -YouMustDie
    • I haven't lost yet. And I already lost The Game within the last 30 minutes, so I didn't just lose that game either! :D
      • Oh man, I've lost The Game again.
  • Ok, Cogs. - Amused Troper Guy

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