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1 truteal8th Apr 2011 12:52:54 AM from the great southern land
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All I know about this is, that I can already hear Kagami Yoshimizu calling up his lawyer.
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None of the streaming sites have subs for this show....

Any group doing this show?
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It just came out yesterday.
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4 Clarste8th Apr 2011 02:32:46 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Huh, I randomly read this manga yesterday.
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Okay, the streams are up, at least on the site I go to. Haven't watched yet though, but just letting Signed not worry.
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Looking at the Spring 2011 Anime page and the comments on Youtube, seems like the first post is right about how this feels too much like Lucky Star.
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I thought they were going somewhere new for a moment when they mentioned Run's male friends, but of course none of them even get names. No such luck I guess.

And Tooru's tit-slapping is a really weird Running Joke for a series like this to have.
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Eh, I think I'll be sticking with the manga. The anime is focusing too much on the Slice of Life elements
This comic is getting an anime? xD

Of course, you cannot have enough "cute girls doing cute things" shows, but I haven't found anything that outstanding about this particular one among the others.

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It seems pretty okay to me, personally. I didn't mind Lucky Star's slice-of-life format, and watching this and Nichijou this season sounds like fun to me. I was a sucker for ARIA, and Sketchbook Full Colors. I blame loving Azumanga for setting me on the path to watching stuff like this. Anyways, as far as the show goes, the characters don't seem too exceptional personality-wise at the moment, and given that I haven't read the manga, I have no clue if and how much their personalities and interactions with one another will develop, but I look forward to more yandere-ish behavior by Tooru(Tohru?) and smartass comments by some of the other characters.
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Lucky Stars with yuri...

Yep, this is a must follow.
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Isn't that much like Lucky Star, and doesn't really have that much Yuri(unless you count Tooru's protection of Run, as romantic feelings).

If anything I would say it's a funnier K-On without music.

This is a light-hearted Slice of Life with comedy, instead of a comedy on a Slice of Life setting, like Nichijou is.

The anime is focusing too much on the Slice Of Life elements

And this is wrong, becuase...?. I think the anime is better becuase, it adpats faithfully, it takes advantage of not having the 4 panel limitions to fill in with some details during the jokes, and it gives a better sense of continuity than the manga, plus it is a more visual medium(I prefer to watch an anime than to read a manga).

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There were a couple parts of the manga that all but explicitly stated that Tooru's feelings were romantic

I don't consider aiming for a Slice of Life feel a good idea for this series, because the manga's strength is that it's funny, not that it has good characters
Well, I haven't get that far, I only read a few chapters as a preview for the anime. Though, I get what you mean about that being funny is its biggest strength, I had intended to read 3 chapters and ended up reading 7 becuase it was hilarious.
Wow, um, I'm...I'm kind of scared of Tooru. I can see why the yandere-ness can get played for laughs, but realistically, a girl running around with a metal baseball bat to scare people away from her object of affection is kind of batshit. I'd probably find it really cute if the things she did weren't so stalker-like.

Run reminds me a lot of Yui, and Nagi of Yomi.

I got tired by the third time they used the "Wow, they're really good friends, huh?" line.

I'll keep watching for now.
Well, Nagi is Hollywood Pudgy, and is worried about it too, just like Yomi.

Oh and wanted to say this a while ago but Nagi's seiyuu, Yumi Uchiyama, is doing an amazing job, not to mention that this is her third role, the other two being as extra.
17 Funnyguts9th Apr 2011 01:02:03 PM from French Bread!
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Just watched the episode. It was pretty good, nothing fantastic.
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18 stardf299th Apr 2011 01:24:00 PM from Under the Hoenn waters , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
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First of all, it's nothing like Lucky Star, aside from the "four girls" and Slice of Life aspects. I get entirely different feels from the two shows.

Second, while there's great humor to be had, I also find the show oddly emotional. I mean, Tooru has to deal with her best friend's being in a different grade than she is, which means she has friends Tooru otherwise doesn't know about. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Real Life who have gone through that feeling...

Which made the mass-hugging scene all the more touching.

Anyways, I'm a sucker for Slice of Life comedy shows, so I'll be continuing the watch.
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19 Funnyguts9th Apr 2011 01:25:30 PM from French Bread!
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But there was a scene where they talked about food and nothing came of it! That's so Lucky Star it's crazy!
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It's not exactly Lucky Star 2... but it's also reminiscent of Lucky Star anyway.
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I got Paranoia Agent flashbacks during Tooru's introduction scene. Not a good first impression.
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This was pretty fun. Tooru's awesome and adorable, and Yuuki's hot. Nagi is too. Run is...well, she's...I don't know what to say.

Anyone else note how Yuuko didn't actually ever explain how she and Run ended up in that position?

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Taller than Zim
They were tickling.
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^^ Yeah, she didn't. And it's Yuuko.

The way I see it: Run = Tsukasa (plus seiyuu), Yuuko = Mugi + Mio (plus a seiyuu), Tooru = Tama-chan, and Nagi... I don't know about Nagi, but I keep thinking about an odd mixture of Nodoka and Yomi. Alternatively, an odd mixture of Keiko and Maki.
Imoutos are the best!

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Together Forever...

Yuuko is exactly the sort of character Tsumugi would create.

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