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 101 Buscemi, Fri, 24th Jun '11 11:20:21 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
3-D versions got Brave and The Lion King 3-D attached, 2-D versions got Winnie the Pooh attached.
THAT HAIR IS AMAZING! And I love that she actually has red eyelashes and eyebrows and a ruddy complexion. The whole coloring job is spectacular.
 103 Mr W, Sat, 25th Jun '11 4:30:04 AM from some place

Now, if Disney would be so kind enough to post a better version of the teaser...

 104 Figment Jedi, Sat, 25th Jun '11 6:58:05 AM from The Dreamport
Heaven Shattering Spark
[up][up][up][up] Pixar actually brightens the shit out of their 3D versions to cancel 3D darkening out
With Flickr action!
Ugh I hate 3D movies. I really do. More money for a a washed out blur. And now you can only see certain trailers when you watch a movie in 3D? I call bullocks.

Awesome, I didn't know there was a trailer >w< The (ex)titular bear, I see. It's quite beautiful, and I love the scottish accent.

Mr. Dr.
Saw the trailer yesterday when I went to see Cars 2. First reaction "Why the hell am I not watching this film instead??"

I'm also thinking the original title of Bear and the Bow was a much more suitable label.
Who wants to play Video Games!
Well, there's certainly a bear and a bow in the trailer.

Dammit, I was looking forward to seeing the Brave teaser on Cars 2, and now I find out I have to watch a crappy 3-D version and get mild headaches to do it?
"War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left."

"Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future."
 109 Shota, Sat, 25th Jun '11 12:02:50 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
So there are theaters that DO NOT show the teaser. Thanks for the warning.

 110 Buscemi, Sat, 25th Jun '11 3:03:04 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
Actually, the 3-D was very bright at the theatre that I saw it (some theatres have been getting new bulbs in order to play Transformers 3). It didn't have much effect though.

edited 25th Jun '11 3:03:22 PM by Buscemi

 111 Landstander, Sat, 25th Jun '11 7:59:07 PM from Somewhere else
God Of Cake
I'm watching Finding Nemo right now, and it occurs to me that of all the Pixar movies, this would probably look pretty damn awesome in 3D
Emperor Wu liked cake, but not exploding cake!
 112 Buscemi, Sat, 25th Jun '11 8:51:26 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
There was a rumor that Ratatouille was going to be post-converted for a future reissue but this seems to have died down.

Honestly if any Pixar film is a good candidate for a reissue, it's between Monsters Inc. and Wall-E. Monsters Inc. because of the prequel coming out and Wall-E because it would look that good on IMAX.

Also when I saw the trailer for Brave today, it did not get a good reaction from the audience. Most of the children seemed bored by it.
Well, children being bored doesn't indicate that a movie will be bad. (Depending on how old these children are.) But perhaps it means that it won't be as much of a commercial success as most Pixar films, which would be a shame, but I could live with it. It's too early to tell, in any case.

edited 25th Jun '11 9:17:52 PM by OnTheOtherHandle

"War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left."

"Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future."
 114 Bur, Sat, 25th Jun '11 9:22:47 PM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
 115 Buscemi, Sat, 25th Jun '11 9:27:31 PM from a log cabin
I Am The Walrus
[up][up] It was mostly small children. The one behind me even had to have the title read for him.
 116 Viku, Sat, 25th Jun '11 9:27:41 PM from Santiago de Chile
I Want to be The One
[up][up] Eh, in my opinion, Pixar's trailers never captue all the magic of the actual movies anways. I admit that I thought Ratatouille and UP looked pretty bored and passble whn I watched the trailrs for the firt time. And OH I was SO wrong. (Now they are tw of my favs.)

So yeah, i'm pretty sure those kids will change their minds once the ctual movie comes out...
Too lazy to have a decent sig.
 117 Mort 08, Sat, 25th Jun '11 10:00:51 PM from Oklahoma Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Pirate AND writer!
Love the trailer, and I haven't even watched it with the sound on yet![lol] But seriously, the visuals were just mesmerizing, and it's refreshing to see a Pixar trailer that's a little dark. Was anyone else reminded of the scene in How to Train Your Dragon where Hiccup and Toothless first meet?
Before you go to a theater, check and make sure that a regular showing is going to start after your 3D showing.

Watch the Brave Trailer by either sneaking in, or complaining that you're getting a headache and going to a regular theater. The former is probably easiest if you saved your glasses.

[up][up] Yeah it reminded me of the cove.

It's funny someone mentioned that Pixar's teasers never seem to capture the spirit of the movie, because this one seemed to try and do that. I remember seeing The Incredible's Teaser years ago (the one where bob's outfit wasn't big enough for him) in the movie theater and thinking it was so stupid. At least this one was a bit more serious.

 120 Landstander, Sun, 26th Jun '11 10:34:29 AM from Somewhere else
God Of Cake
Yeah, the Finding Nemo trailers featuring Crush were like that for me. Just seemed like an utterly stupid character, and then he ended up being awesome.
Emperor Wu liked cake, but not exploding cake!
I think Pixar has been getting better about marketing. Many of their earlier trailers, even up to The Incredibles, as you said, made the movie look idiotic. But they got better for Up, WALL•E, and Toy Story 3.
"War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left."

"Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future."
Hm, yeah I only mentioned The Incredibles because that's the only one I remembered. I never saw Up or Wall-E in theaters or teasers, I only knew about their greatness from word of mouth, but I do remember seeing Ratatouille and thinking it would be lame.

Toy Story was marketed as a family fun adventure/comedy with a little issue at the end, but yeah, it was marketed better than The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. Ugh that Monsters Inc Teaser was pretty stupid too, it had nothing to do with what the movie was about.

edited 26th Jun '11 10:44:09 AM by HidingGames

Responsible adult
Am I the only one who likes those little teasers? The one for The Incredibles made me giggle so hard. I think the only one that I wasn't sure how to react to was Finding Nemo, but that mostly because I wasn't sure what it meant the movie was about.
"Proto-Indo-European makes the damnedest words related. It's great. It's the Kevin Bacon of etymology." ~Madrugada
Mr. Dr.
[up] No you are not. IMO, the Toy Story 3 teaser alone was a short film worthy of BASF.
Who wants to play Video Games!
 125 Wannabe Author, Mon, 27th Jun '11 5:32:28 AM from a numbing computer chair
........Aw, heck.

I already know I'm going to love this movie. Not many teasers inform me of that.
"It began with the internet. But then, it always does."~Eoin Colfer
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