This doesn't look like a trope: Mid Season Wham Episode

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I reread your post four times and I still can't parse it. What you're describing — at least with the Gundam Wing and Deep Space Nine examples — is not this trope at all. Mid Season Wham Episode is about an episode of a series, usually near the middle, that is not only a Wham Episode in the usual sense, but also significantly changes the format of the show itself. A series changing its tone is a different trope, as is gearing up for a significant change in the plot to end the season (or the whole series).

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Yeah, the trope that Raso is after is Tone Shift. Not this one.
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Yes and no, I guess what I am thinking of is Tone Shift points really in which series progress from Monster of the Week or just episodic to "to be continued" format or Debut Queue ok now everyone is here time to get started on the plot. Which happen at certain points in a series run.

Wham Episode signaling a Tone Shift?

Anyway seeing how I am lost and off base as usual explain it to me.... (sorry)

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It sounds like everyone agrees that whatever this trope is, it needs work, but in the meantime, I was wondering if we should just cut one of the articles so we don't have two duplicate articles doing the same thing? Or is it too early to suggest that? I guess it wouldn't hurt to leave them both there while we discuss, but it seems a little silly to have them both.
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