Power Bead meanings:

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1 JewelyJ15th Mar 2011 01:41:28 PM from A state in the USA
Just a random question. I'm trying to find power bead meanings.

Does anyone know any. What I've got so far is


Tiger's Eye-courage and creativity

Rose Quartz-Love and Romance




Mother of Pearl-wealth and prosperity

magnetic hematite-Happiness

Onyx-Self control

Honey Jade-tranquility and patience


Feel free to correct me if any are wrong.

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Those are types of precious stones in general. The meanings vary across cultures, so pick one and stick with it.
3 JewelyJ16th Mar 2011 09:15:31 AM from A state in the USA
Well since this would be for a fantasy culture would it be wrong to make up some extra meanings?
Probably not. You may want to think about why your fantasy culture has those beliefs, though. For instance, another culture may associate hematite with war rather than happiness, since it's the color of blood. Jade might be associated with life or rebirth because it's the color of new spring buds. Who knows?
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perhaps I'm missing something but, what are the power beads supposed to do?
6 JewelyJ17th Mar 2011 12:58:30 PM from A state in the USA
In this case? Well the beads for values like courage or self control are believed to help them adopt that trait. Or the bead for luck might grant them luck every now and then. That's the interpretation I'm going with here, anyway.

They are a very superstitious people.
oh okay I thought they might have been some kind of Applied Phlebotinum, thanks.
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Internal consistency is king, as has been said before. Maybe not as much in case of non-functional magic, but still. You might want to come oup with stones of your own, too.

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