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Tron Uprising:

Mr. Dr.
So did anyone else hear that Disney is going to be making an animated series of Tron called Tron Uprising? It will apparently be set between Tron and Tron Legacy and will star a program called Beck and Tron, as they lead a revolution against Clu 2.

The animation looks very Animatrix-y.

edited 5th Mar '11 2:02:36 AM by Mattonymy

Who wants to play Video Games!
Woah, are those 3D models with traditionally animated faces? Or has cel-shading gotten that good?

And dayum, that's a big-name cast for a TV series.

 3 Star Outlaw, Sat, 5th Mar '11 6:29:14 AM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
Silly me, I was actually expecting a Tron series to be animated 2D.

Yes, this animation does look really good. I think their faces might be animated with Toon Boom, which would make the entire thing computer generator, which is fitting.

I read that this will only be 10 episodes. I hope that means the rest of the animation is really good.
Moldova, never change.
Bruce Boxleitner as Tron? That I have to see.

Never thought 2D faces against 3D machinery would even remotely good in anything!

Is it me, or, with "The Legend of Korra" coming, are there more animated mini-series being developed in the States? Mini-series are common in anime, where it makes up about half the output nowadays, but this is the first time I heard of it happening in the United States.

 6 Wannabe Author, Mon, 7th Mar '11 12:21:53 PM from a numbing computer chair
Young Justice, Avengers EMH, TF Prime, the Thundercats reboot, and now this.

Welcome to the new golden age, everybody.
"It began with the internet. But then, it always does."~Eoin Colfer
Blame it on the HUB, which was started by 80's and 90's studio execs coming back from out of the ground. But of course, remakes are being made everywhere now.

 8 Wannabe Author, Mon, 7th Mar '11 12:26:03 PM from a numbing computer chair
That wasn't actually sarcasm. I was serious. This is awesome. cool
"It began with the internet. But then, it always does."~Eoin Colfer
Well, that looked many times better than I expected.

But then again, so did TRON Legacy.

[up][up] The HUB is God. I'm not even kidding. The entire channel is entirely composed of Better Than It Sounds.

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 10 Cortez, Thu, 22nd Dec '11 11:33:53 AM from Puerto Rico
Bien chicky starr.
Disney XD promo showing their upcoming New shows for 2012

New clips of Tron Uprising.
"Trevor Phillips Inc."
 11 Figment Jedi, Mon, 16th Apr '12 1:05:38 PM from The Dreamport
Heaven Shattering Spark
With Flickr action!
 12 Star Outlaw, Mon, 16th Apr '12 6:06:02 PM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
I'm very happy they're using Daft Punk's score, with a few tweaks (which I also like). The charcter models are a bit weird looking, but I'll get used to it.
 13 Shota, Wed, 18th Apr '12 6:54:53 PM Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Oh. So the characters ARE CG MODELS.

I like it less now.

Mr. Dr.
[up]Well they ARE in a computer world, were you really expecting technology to completely flat?

Also I'd say they're more Cell Shaded than flat up CG.
Who wants to play Video Games!
[up]I think from the teaser trailer released weeks ago, we only got one glimpse of a human character's unobscured face, and it looked like it was Flash-animated instead of CG. Yeah, it threw me off too.

 16 Figment Jedi, Tue, 1st May '12 6:08:46 AM from The Dreamport
Heaven Shattering Spark

With Flickr action!

Does Disney have any other animated action series in the making?
I treat all living things equally. That is to say, I eat all living things
The Avengers. Kinda hard to remember that they own MARVEL now.

In terms of animation, I suppose you can count Wreck-It Ralph as being action.

Oh, and we have a third Snow White film coming in 2 years. Yeah. As if Mirror Mirror wasn't enough for them.

edited 1st May '12 6:58:52 AM by kyun

Diggin' the character designs.

It looks like they're using a low frame rate to make it resemble traditional animation. It works...some of the time.

 20 Figment Jedi, Tue, 1st May '12 12:38:34 PM from The Dreamport
Heaven Shattering Spark
We have dates

May 18th will be a premiere special called Beck's Beginning, though said special will be available in various forms beforehand.

June 7th is the start of the series proper.

edited 1st May '12 12:45:08 PM by FigmentJedi

With Flickr action!
 21 crimsonstorm 15, Sat, 5th May '12 7:15:59 PM from A parallel universe Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
 22 Star Outlaw, Mon, 7th May '12 10:15:33 AM from Space Frontier
Time to roll the dice
They're even using similar visual effects to the original Tron when those energy batons strike people (that sort of multi lens flare).

And Motorcity is also a Disney action series.
 23 JR Pictures, Fri, 11th May '12 7:47:30 PM from Australia Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
I think I'm having fun
Well the animation style looks fine and I loved both Tron films. I just have to wonder how Australia will get it.

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 24 Figment Jedi, Sat, 12th May '12 7:10:36 PM from The Dreamport
Heaven Shattering Spark
Official upload of Beck's Beginning here
With Flickr action!
I think this is going to be enjoyable.

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