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OP, I'm still young as well, but when I get older, it would be my fantasy to be able to take my ideas and turn them into Films and Animations. A lot of my ideas come visually, and I can't imagine them working right unless they were done in something other than print.

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Making Modern-ish rehashes of Alice in wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, And recently was hit with an Idea to make a demented version Candyland Chances are I won't do any of these cause I don't totally have the complete inspiration to make them
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I have quite a few Ideas floating around in my head that I never seem to sit down and create, not sure why really except for a vague since that I'll forget them faster if they were on paper.

  • a High-ish fantasy, following the story of some pretty epic magical objects and the people they try to make kings/queens. hopefully, with enough material to write a RPG of the verse.
  • a D&D series (probably with the serial numbers filed off unless I can get it published under their license) based on a undead adventure party, written by transcribing gameplay.
  • if I had any computer skills at all I'd try to make a short film in a Changeling: The Lost style verse, with synthetic voice actors.
  • a Hard as I can possibly get it Sci-Fi novel, where the zombie apocalypse is with robots being churned out of self replicating factories.
  • A Trilogy of novels chronicling the adventures of Self Aware replicating factory ships. Mostly based on Michio Kaku and other futurists
  • I'd kind of like to create a Massive Multiplayer Online Tatical Game, on the other hand no clue how to do so. New factions would spring up as fast as I could make them.
  • I'd kind of like to explore the concept of Planet of Hats, where the species hat is soldier in a Star Wars or Star Trek like universe. I think I've got the basics of the federal government down but what actually happens on a day to day bases is still kind of iffy.
  • A lot of other scifi or fantasy concepts really.
    • such as a novel that averts/subverts Humans Are Special while trying my best to play it strait.
    • a book based on the movie  The Forbin Project, exploring what an alternative world would have been like if the earth was taken over by a super supercomputer.

stuff like that.
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I'd like to actually do the idea for a comic I've had for quite some time, but lack any real drawing skills or the time to learn how to draw things properly. It's called Forgotten Lore, and I've mentioned it pretty often here. It's about two guys who find a tome of magic and get involved with all kinds of supernatural things, from demons to cults to evil sorcerers and horrible things from beyond the void, and since most people aren't even aware these things exist, it's up to them to save themselves/the city/the world. In between they also do some everyday stuff (well, as everyday as you can when you're suddenly sharing your apartment with a demon princess and your landlord may or may not be a eldritch abomination wearing the skin of a man).
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