Need to stalk your crush?:

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1 BlueNinja022nd Feb 2011 02:30:29 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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There's an app for that.

I can't see any way this could ''possibly'' be misused. However, I'm pretty sure my highly insecure high school self would have been all over this app, had it existed back then. Nothing sucks more than finding out your crush is single, asking her out, and finding out your rumor-finding skills are too slow.
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2 Ratix22nd Feb 2011 03:30:41 AM from Someplace, Maryland
I thought Facebook was already all about stalking. :p

Wouldn't it be just easier to get a feed on any changes to a person's status? That seems more "stalky" 'cause so many people update their status on every little thing they do.
3 joeyjojo22nd Feb 2011 09:01:41 PM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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Hmmm.. I'm of the opinion that if you going to put your relationship details openly on Facebook you reap what you sow.

Yes it's a little weird that to keep tag on if your potential partners love life but it's not really violating anyone's privacy.

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^ I like what one commenter said: 'don't put anything on the internet you wouldn't want your boss, parents or kids to know'.
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