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Not sure if many people are aware, but Dragon Quest IV got a re-release for the DS about three years ago. Tragically, the "party chat" feature, in which party members can be prompted to deliver 1-2 sentence reactions to current events or NP Cs, was cut. Given that there are 24420 lines of these, this means that about half the game's text was removed.

At the end of last year some people of GameFAQs expressed interest in rectifying this. This is their website: http://gbatemp.net/t269307-dragon-quest-iv-party-chat-open-translation

And the accompanying project page here: http://sites.google.com/site/dq4opentrans/

This is not a full re-translation. The game has a perfectly competent translation, just one with half the text removed. Dragon Quest is a great franchise, and I would greatly appreciate if people with Japanese reading skills could devote some of their time to help rectify the cuts.

Thank you.

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I at least offer my support. DQV's party chatting made my favorite DQ game even better, adding personality to people in a series that normally has pretty cut and dry characters in a similar way that the Tales series' skits did. I'd love to see what the dqiv crew would have had to say about things in its game.
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I don't approve, but simply because the game did not have a perfectly competent translation. It had a godawful translation full of pointless Dub Name Changes and overuse of Funetik Aksent with no basis in the Japanese script. Although some of the damage is already done (as changes in this and Dragon Quest V carried over to the translations of Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest IX, the latter of which at least had some issues of its own), I'd rather see a complete retranslation that doesn't turn Saintheim into "Faux-Russia, complete with sometimes-incomprehensible faux-Eastern-European accents", among the many, many other issues.

EDIT: Aaaand now I notice this was posted two years ago. Whoops.

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