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Is this kind of thing common in fiction? (ages of characters):

Is it common for one character to seem to be younger than an another, even though he/she's really older?

For example, in the show that I'm working on, Girl A is The Heart of the group, while her best friend (we'll call her Girl B) is kind of a bumblebee who has a more naive and childlike personality. However, Girl A is 7 years old and in second grade while Girl B is 8 years and in third grade. New viewers may assume that Girl B is younger than Girl A, or at least that both girls are the same age.

Is this sort of thing common?

edited 14th Feb '11 1:27:01 PM by DaneC

Oh yes.

All the time, especially in comedies where the nincompoop should be more responsible but isn't (like Homer and Lisa in Simpsons).
 4 animemetalhead, Mon, 14th Feb '11 2:24:05 PM from Ashwood Landing, ME
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