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So, the patch is sort of available from so I started playing. Thread is up because I just wanted to let everyone know that when Ride of Valkyries started playing during the presidential debate duel the game won me over right then and there. It would have to plummet to Muvluv levels for me to stop liking this, and that seems unlikely.
The part when he fights the panda is hilarious. I also love the incredibly over the top food porn.
Yeah, it's quite funny most of the time. On the other hand, the writing itself seems a little weak and it appears to have trouble taking itself seriously when it's not being comedic. Still good though.
Harkinian & The Bois
So you can fock Putin in this game? What
And President Obama Ohama. And Ezekiel Ell. Cthulhu Kuu Little Little is responsible for this.

Geh, accidentally stumbled into Yukino's route it looks like. All three of the other heroines are more interesting. Too bad there's no Kuu Little Little or Kuon routes either.

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Well have to wait for the fandisc to be translated for any chance of that.
Ran is really starting to feel like an afterthought in this game. To be fair, I haven't even completed Putina route yet, but Ell seems to be constantly involved, Yukino is the main heroine and Putina seems like she'd be more or less important in most routes. Ran is just... there. Sometimes. Maybe that's why the original project too so long on doing her translation and editing.

Ah, maybe I'm wrong. She seems to be busy acting mysterious at the moment.

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Hmph. Ran route is only about half translated with this patch and Yukino route and Ell route were so sickeningly sweet I had to drop them.

This game tries to take itself seriously, a costly error. And Kuu Little Little and Kuon aren't heroines! Tragedy! Anyway, I guess I'm dropping this one then about half completed. It's honestly not very good.
Really? While it is totally obvious that Putina's route is the best, the others are still quite good (meh, maybe not Ell's), and I don't think the game ever really takes itself that seriously. I find it silly through and through.

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Well, Ran's route was good up until the game stopped being, you know, in English. Putina was okay. Ell route, to quote one translator, is way too loli and moe. I can't handle that much! Though I actually do like Ell. I don't like Yukino though.

It's not bad but it doesn't really deserve the hype it gets. It's not well written and the serious sections of the story just... well, they use words like 'cute' too much.
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Going through the game now. Loving it.
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Ran's route.


There are no words to describe my disappointment.
Yeah, it's too bad that whoever had the script files from before they took it down didn't have the most current version. Ran's route was looking rather more interesting than Ell's had been before it.
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Found a simple fix for Ran's route. Simply remove the patch file, go a bit further in the scene where it freezes, then replace the patch file. I've heard it works but haven't tried it yet. Want to finish Puchin's route first.
Anyone else found this game incredibly boring? Other than the cheap references to the American political system, which is the only real draw of the game, and not even very good ones at that, I can't remember the last time I've read such an uninspired and generic novel.
I found it highly amusing and cute.

Kanon is too boring to me for any VN to stand a good chance of surpassing it.

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I found it hilarious. Compared to the stuff like Canvas 2, I don't think you can call it boring at all.
I could not get through Ell's route. I remember when the translators were still working on it and someone said it was too loli and moe for them to handle. I thought they were exaggerating.

Yukino was not much better. Is that even her name? I can't remember.

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Yukino Ohama, yes. She's... amusing, though Ran and Puchin are my favourites.
They're your favorites because you're not a heathen damned to hell for all eternity.

Still, I should probably go read the thingy now. In any case, at what point can the patch be replaced in the game folder to have the route start reading normally again?
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I dunno since I haven't tried it myself. Guess and check I guess.
It's a scene involving Putin's maid and Ran, outdoors somewhere. The glitch happens twice.
It's so disappointing that there is no Kuon route. I think she's probably my favorite character.
There's a fandisc for that.
Doesn't do ME much good.

Clearly Kuu needs a route as well. Does the fandisc have that too?

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