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82251 SilentReverence19th Aug 2011 06:06:29 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up Get RP Mod
adopting kitteh

At Bill's House

-Bill comes to see his favourite Eevee and sees Roa-

Bill — Oh? You have a friend? And you want to... what, return to the forest that way? — turns to the Eevee — Well, we could go take a walk... just lemme grab something to wear for the cold...

-Goes for some clothes-

Bill — I always liked walking across those roads. In particular before it was elevated... — dresses up.

Eevee — Come on, siblings! let's go! — reunited her seven siblings near the door.

-A shadow pops in through the window-

Snubbull — <Roa! We have to go! Things are getting way weird up north!>

Poison Wall

-Taisho and a Noctowl examines the group heading forwards-

Noctowl — <I have confirmed Luke, Lake and several Pokémon on the run...>

Taisho (yelling down from the National Park gate) — <Make a hole! Redirect to the fountains!>

82252 rmctagg0919th Aug 2011 06:07:56 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-To Mundane!Honchkrow

I see. Perhaps we should get in contact with its inventor.

-Looks at the other Honchkrow-

As for the rest of you?

Oak's Lab, about 40 minutes later

-The invading force has been completely routed-

Lanius!Zoroark: -Laying on the ground- <B-But how, you're only 12 mons.>

Venusaur: -Unimpressed- <Shows how much you know.>

Lanius!Charizard: <We can hardly go back, Lanius would almost certainly decimate us for our failure.>

Dugtrio: <What do we do with them Venusaur?>

Venusaur: -Putting a vine to his chin- <Hmm, I haven't decided yet.>

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Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
-Concentrates on an argument between the Black and White thoughts-
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
82254 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 06:11:02 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-On the beaches of Pallet Town-

-A lone figure is sitting on top of a mound of roughly 500 Pokeballs-

Lone Figure: "..."

-One of the Pokeballs shakes-

Lone Figure: "..."

-And is promptly swatted. And goes still-

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82255 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 06:11:51 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
-Looks up at Star-

So... maybe we shouldn't have come here...?
82256 Tangent12819th Aug 2011 06:15:31 PM from Virginia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

Goldenrod North

Zoroark Blue: <Guess the Nidos have him covered... not looking forward to meeting them again just yet. So back to your plan?>

Zoroark Red: <OK, first we need to go over here...>

-portals the group over to the Magnet Train overpass-

Zoroark Blue: <We're on the wrong side of the city...>

Zoroark Red: <But we have concrete overhead here! Don't want to waste these cans...>

-fires a portal pair above and below, such that the portal drops into itself in an endless loop-

<now, we have to use this one...>

-empties a can of Conversion Gel into the portals; it streams infinitely-

<Okay! Time to head south! Err... you portal us, please?>

Zoroark Blue: <...ok?>

Goldenrod, South Exit

-the exit is guarded by a well-staffed checkpoint, with a Gigalith maintaining Stealth Rocks to stymie invisibility tricks-

Zoroark Blue: <Okay, see? We can use Illusions all we want, that won't get us through that gate. And look. Forest, no concrete on the other side.>

Zoroark Red: <Told you you weren't paying attention! Now, let me see...>

-sees a tall, concrete-walled building close enough to the wall-

<Good! Make a noisy distraction, please?>

-shrugging, the other Zoroark uses his gun to portal a dumpster out a second-story wall across the street-

-during the clatter, the first Zoroark fires the portal that was on the overpass ceiling onto the top of the nearby wall, propelling a grey mud past the wall, splattering on the road of Route 34-


-fires a portal on the new Conversion Gel slick and the nearby wall-

<Invisibility trick, and run for it!>

-the group exits onto Route 34 and darts for Ilex forest-


-Upon a message from Tagg at some point, Tangent gives Porygon some minor alterations to make to the entry chamber linked to Tagg's single-portal gun-

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82257 stargirl9319th Aug 2011 06:20:41 PM from Destiny Islands Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
.....Well, we did want to help with saving the world.....

But there's no way the two of us can take down an army of pokemon, and you can barely even move.

-sighs- So, our escape options are Flying, and Surfing if you have any pokemon that can do that.


-We quickly run/fly through the hole in the wall. Unite is the last one to head through, but pauses just before doing it.-


-Unite "flips Rommel the bird", then flies through the opening.-


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82259 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 06:22:52 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
I have Yanmega if we need to fly... Not sure if she can carry both of us.
The Fastest Man Alive
Ninetales: <There's no trace of them.>

-Ninetales smells something at once familiar and unfamiliar-

Ninetales: <That's strange.> -she follows the scent-
82261 Anomalocaris2019th Aug 2011 06:27:11 PM from Sagittarius A* Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
...I don't think we can get off of here. The battle has already gotten too close to the tunnel for us to escape...

If we can't get out... I just want to tell you that I'm really thankful for everything you've done for me, Star.
82262 Crewe19th Aug 2011 06:27:14 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
Li'l Punk
All right. Need help? Katan and Epona are worn out, but Hecate's all right, she didn't get hit.


Roa: <Snubbull! We were just about to leave! I have to get the Eevee man and his Pokemon out of here, Vinollo said it was important!>

-she shows Snubbull the map, then pulls the Poison Stings out and disposes if them-

Roa: <C'mon, let's go.>

-she motions for the others to wait and goes outside. She uses Detect to make sure the coast is clear, then motions them on-
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Check on your Pokemon first, then meet me in the control room, okay?

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82264 SilentReverence19th Aug 2011 06:31:06 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up Get RP Mod
adopting kitteh

Rt.35 Gates ("Poison Wall")

-As Unite passes, some Nidos and Linoones cover the entrance-

Army Commander Taisho — <All horns up!>

-About 1,400 Nidoran horns, supported by ~200 individuals of different species, peek out from all directions, as well as the road gates, a random post, and the hat of a sleeping police officer, all looking angrily towards the route-

Taisho and 10 Generals at unison — <Invaders, stop! The Nidoran Land begins here!>

Goldenrod City

-Snubbull guides Roa, Bill and hi Eevees across the somewhat empty western streets of the city, reaching the end of the Magnet railroad-

Snubbull — <You use those stairs to go up... I have to stay and go for my family... Good luck, Owsla.> — bids a farewell to the group.

Bill (looking around distractedly) — Oh, how nice of that Snubbull to follow us around...


Woolly: <Look at all those Nidos!>

Crowley: <Jeez...'Dese guys could have easily given my murder a run for it's money...>

Woodstock: <No kidding...>
82266 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 06:33:57 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-In Goldenrod-

-Sees Unite's gesture, and is now furious-


-While still pursuing-


-Hastily turns and retreats with accompanying Pokemon after sighting several armored Nidos-

-A short time later-

<Hydreigon: "Are you okay, General?">

<Serperior: "I'm fine. Continuing with less than 100 of us into that territory would have been a recipe for disaster...">

-To Self-

<Serperior: "Mmph. Well I know which of the Feraligatr's colleagues I won't be attempting to recruit if he survives... I can't help but think that he seemed familiar though...">

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82267 Lilqueendaisy19th Aug 2011 06:37:32 PM from Not Earth Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: In love with love
Penti sure is quiet right now... Hmmmmm...

-gets out paper and paint-

I'm going to paint some dragons!

-starts painting zekrom on paper-
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82268 Crewe19th Aug 2011 06:38:17 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
Li'l Punk
No problem. Dana's probably scared half to death...

I'll see you in a little bit.

-drops down through the hatch and walks into my room. Tweedle is speaking soothing to Ashes and Dana, Hermes is curled around them, Katan is snoring in the corner with Epona looking like she's about to drop off as well, and Hecate's sitting in the opposite corner, concentrating on maintaining the illusion. I walk over and sit on the bunk. Ashes and Hermes immediately run over and huddle against me. Dana walks over more slowly, eyes wide-

Dana: <Trainer? Are you mad at me?>

What? No, of course not, Dana. I yelled earlier because I wanted you to be safe, and I had to make sure you would stay here.

-I lean down and pick her up, offering her an Oran Berry. She eats it slowly, curling up on my lap. I stroke her softly-

Everything's okay now, sweetheart. We made the bad Pokemon go away, and Hecate's making sure they can't see us.

Dana: <Okay, Trainer.>

C'mon. I have to meet Wolf in the control room. You can come with me. Tweedle? Wanna come too?

Tweedle: I'd love to, Miss Trainer.

Let's go, then. Ashes, Hermes, don't bother the grownups. They're tired.

-I leave the room cradling Dana with Tweedle on my shoulder-


Roa: <Thanks, Snubbull.>

-she nudges Bill's leg and leads the way up to the tracks and along towards Ecruteak, using Detect every so often and making sure Bill and the Eevees are following-

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82269 stargirl9319th Aug 2011 06:42:05 PM from Destiny Islands Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
You're Welcome.....Anything for a friend, right?

82270 Crewe19th Aug 2011 06:47:01 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
Li'l Punk
I can stick around for like, another half hour. Then I have to go to bed.
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-waiting in the control room-

We're pretty much just waiting for Ninetales to get back, and for Steven to come back up at this point.
82272 Crewe19th Aug 2011 06:49:37 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
Li'l Punk
All right. Do you have any idea what she smelled?
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82273 TracerBullet19th Aug 2011 06:50:05 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-To Tagg-

<Sonny: "I didn't have any incomplete zadanii when we stopped taking them.">

<Triad!Honchkrow: "Same here.">

<Yakuza!Honchkrow: "Mine was to go and nab some plans for some Pokeball firmware revision.">

<Mafia!Honchkrow: "I was supposed to do some surveying.">

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82274 SilentReverence19th Aug 2011 06:50:40 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up Get RP Mod
adopting kitteh
I have requested oppossition for Roa, if it doesn't come, we'll play something tomorrow, as I myself am leaving for a while before coming back for some last posts

The Fastest Man Alive
No clue. She's looking into it.

Once she gets back, we're heading to Unova. We need to get as far away from here as possible.

I've already sent word to Cynthia and N to meet us there.

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