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This is another antagonist in a SF project of mine; he was conceived several weeks back and is still a work in progress.

His name is Gideon Tartous (TARR-toe-is), and to describe him briefly, he's an immortal psychopath. Well, he's sort-of immortal. His body can die, but he'll just posess a recently deceased corpse nearby if he does, and as an added "bonus" he absorbs that person's memories and knowledge. A sepulchre of festering hate and remorse forced to live an eternity of guilty reflection on the horrors he has committed, all while he willfully commits further atrocities.

His vast stores of acquired knowledge and weeks of introspection have made him a frightfully intelligent man. Philosophically, I was going to have him stay far away from Nietschze. The phenomona he endures but has never encountered outside of him has actually turned him into a Solipsist- which The Other Wiki describes as, " the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist. The term comes from Latin solus (alone) and ipse (self). Solipsism is an epistemological or ontological position that knowledge of anything outside one's own specific mind is unjustified. The external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist."

Three and a half centuries prior to the events of the story, he was living his "first life". At age twenty four, something awakened his psychotic impulses and little while later the voices in his head, his "Guardian angels". These "angels" would help him meticulously plan and execute the murders, and many a time provided him with information that saved him from discovery. He became a highly effective serial killer, murdering at least fifteen people. He hated doing it as much as he loved to do it; the taking of a life would give him feelings of both euphoria and serenity, putting his mind at ease, only to have his conscience gnaw at his confidence.

Unfortunately, it was at this time that he was deeply in love. He had a sweet fiancee, and was going to wed her within weeks. But the psychopathy and the voices distorted and amplified the feelings he had for his lover, twisting them into a desire to kill. He spilled her blood on the night before the day they were to be married. Never before had he felt such hatred and loathing and guilt. He wanted to die, to never have to kill again. He was so desperate to die he commit suicide by first slitting his wrist, then cutting his own throat, and then painting a mural with his brains using a shotgun. He then woke up in a coffin, buried six feet under and in a body that wasn't his.

That's his Start of Darkness.

He is definitely a Humanoid Abomination. Each time he posesses a body, it starts slowly transforming to reflect his true appearance. A row of fingers grow from his jawline forming a "beard of fingers", one of his forearms becomes a long, armored tentacle lined with razor-sharp teeth. Like a Predator, he collects the spines of his victims and wears them on his belt alongside the heads of his "favorites", permanently suspended in partial decay.

Heh, yeah, he's kinda messed up. But I think this is plenty of information for now. I'll add more later if necessary.

What do you guys think? Critique and comments appreciated.

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Hmm.. I like him. Creepy, with a disturbing but not over the top backstory. The only thing that might not work are the fingers. They sound a bit ridiculous to me, for obvious reasons. Still, as always, it could work great in your execution.
The character sounds great.
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I'm still iffy about the fingers; I just wanted a villain who had a beard of appendages that weren't tentacles XD
"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person that doesn't get it."
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