A Tricky Legal Matter:

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1 SandJosieph4th Feb 2011 01:50:31 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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Alright so there's this clinically insane gun nut living in a town who is by all rights Trigger Happy. What would it take to justify him not going to prison or rehab?
2 MrAHR4th Feb 2011 03:18:39 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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...nothing. People probably died at some point. Unless it's a paint gun...but even that would harm people. The only way to get around it would be Bypasser Syndrome, I guess, or it to be in an area where no one would do any such thing to a person.

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3 66Scorpio4th Feb 2011 09:59:36 PM from Toronto, Canada
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I think the test for commitment is being "a danger to themselves or others". If he wasn't dangerous without a gun he might slip through by not being allowed to own or carry firearms. Of course, its so easy to get a gun then he might be able to get away with it as long as he didn't get caught in the act.
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If he fired guns in the direction of his neighbors and they called the cops on him, he'd be fined or arrested, probably. If someone made a stink about him, he might end up in an asylum. If he doesn't bother anyone, he'd be left alone.
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Make him a magnificent bastard karma houdini. The result would probably give you an extrememly memorable character if done right.
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Maybe the rest of the town likes him and doesn't want him arrested, for whatever reason?

Depends on the size of the town, really. The larger, the less likely it is that nobody's done anything about him.
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