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Most Hilarious Bits Of Fridge Logic:

Raven Wilder
In your opinion, what pieces of Fridge Logic turn a previously unfunny scene into something hilarious?

Me, I'd have to go with the Heroes Two-Part Episode "The Eclipse". At the end of "The Eclipse Part 1" Sylar and Elle are just beginning to have sex while Noah takes aim at them with a sniper rifle. Then, at the beginning of "The Eclipse Part 2" Sylar and Elle have just finished having sex, and only then do bullets start flying at them. It took a while before I realized that Noah had them in his sights the whole time, but waited 'til the show was over before firing. And That's Awesome.

edited 12th Jan '11 12:48:19 AM by RavenWilder

"It takes an idiot to do cool things, that's why it's cool" - Haruhara Haruko
I have nothing to add to this conversation, but that made me laugh really hard.
Rabbit Season
To be fair, it is Kristen Bell.
You're an ad hominem attack!
if everyone owned a horse, the country would bea lot more stabilized
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