the truth about The Land Before Time sequels:

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1 MoeDantes31st Dec 2010 07:13:35 AM from the Land of Classics
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Now, bear with me.

IIRC, all the dinosaurs of each time were part of the main characters' herd—that is, all the duckbills were Duckie's herd, all the Longnecks were Littlefoot's herd, and so on and so forth.

Herds are basically family. Meaning when they grow up, they inbreed to keep their species going.

Eventually, dinosaurs (possibly Littlefoot's clan, since he's the only one who didn't have to inbreed) invented technology and television—we know this, because an episode of Eek the Cat clearly demonstrates that the dinosaurs went extinct due to sitcom addiction.

Now, my theory:

The Land Before Time sequels actually existed in prehistoric times. They were not produced by MGM or whoever, but actually by Duckie's retarded incest babies!

Prove me wrong!
But that still doesn't explain how they managed to stay kids throughout the entire series.
3 Scholastica31st Dec 2010 08:52:54 AM from The Golden State
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I always figured the movies took place a couple weeks from each others.
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my videogames.
The Great Valley gets hit by disaster every couple months? Huh.
5 Scholastica31st Dec 2010 06:38:31 PM from The Golden State
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Is it really that odd? Happens to New York and Tokyo all the time.
The flowershop gig wasn't enough to pay for my videogames.
That explains a lot actually. I like this theory.
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