We're all characters in Sonichu, but not the webcomics:

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In Real Life Sonichu is terryfing novel which tells a story of psychopathic manchild Christian Weston Chandler, kid trapped in a body of an adult. it tells how he came to be who he is, details all mistakes, misfortunes and terrible things he did. It also deals with trolls and even shows events from the perspective of most important of them, like Clyde Cash and Vivian Gee.

Sonichu webcomics is an record of Chris phantasies, he can't take apart from reality, A Girl Who Brought Down the World and Asperchu arestories withing a story.

We are the setting, as aside from Chris' existence, the book is very close to Real Life and, while we're not part of presented world, we're part of created world that needs to exist for story to be set in some point in timespace. Maybe some chris-related events at tvtropes, like examples purge on Sonichu page, are even mentioned in a book. Personally I like the idea this post is on the last pages of the book (which makes me the one who ends it all, hehe).

Novel is a critical hit, but also very controversial, as it's merciless criticque of modern society, that on one hand let such terrible person like Chris to do whatever he wants and let trolls do anything they want to him on the other. It's shocking and dark and has caused massive debate about the state of our society.

Who wrote that book? Well, I think it was real life counterpart of somebody related to the whole thing. My bet is on Cole Smithy or Mary Lee Walsh, but that's just a guess. ake your bet, if you have better idea.

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