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This was probably mentioned earlier, around the time Akito part 1 was released, but I'm not hallucinating when I see the Geass-swirl in Leila's eye, right? I just thought it was strange that it wasn't mentioned in any tropes in either the main Akito page or the character page.
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[up][up]Cornelia mentions that it crippled worker productivity.
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It was also meant to show how corrupt and dysfunctional the Britannian administration was, since it was Britannian businessmen who were importing the drug to begin with.
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Exactly how much did Bismarck know about Ragnarok?
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Enough, I guess. He was best friends with Charles and hated war. He must have agreed with it.
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Indeed. He knew enough to know the world as they knew it would change completely (which he basically told Schneizel), was unfazed when things got weird after Ragnarok started (electronics going haywire and shit) and realised something went wrong when everything just stopped. It seems the only thing he didn't know was Marianne's involvement(which is why Marianne resorted to deceiving him, rather than telling him flat-out. Either that or she was just trolling)
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Darksidevoid [up] [up][up] [up], yes they do seem to hint to Leila having a Geass in episode one of Akito the Exiled, as they show a picture on the credits of her meeting a certain woman who seems to have green hair, we will probably find out more in the next Akito episode, which is out in japan this Saturday.

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By the way, according to a couple pages here and there as of recent updates, the writers have been defending Suzaku's actions against viewers accusing him of Moral Myopia. Is this true?
[up] not to my knowledge they have, since it's been five years since the main series ended, plus all Akito interviews I have seen hardly mention Suzaku or not at all (the ones I have seen). Well Suzaku will always have his haters who feel everything he does is a terrible thing and that he is a monster, yeah he is a hypocrite, an idiot, a backstabber we get it (I don't love Suzaku nor do I defend his actions but I don't hate him either just see him as a misguided person), Suzaku does he did pay for his actions, unlike some in the show who did just as stupid if not more so and yet the show and some fans treats them as good. Enough said, don't want to be starting a debate of who's right and wrong etc. Code Geass is just that sort of series that stirs up peoples passions and views.
@azul 120: What pages and updates do you speak of? I'm curious about what you mean by that.

I don't think the main staff of the TV series has ever directly engaged in such discussions with the fans, much less after all this time has already passed since the broadcast ended. At first glance, it sounds like someone is putting their own words in the mouth of the writer(s).

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Last real quotes I've heard regarding Suzaku are from, like, 2 years ago though a producer did say he thought Lelouch was a villain and Suzaku was probably on the right side.

I haven't really heard much about engaging with fans, as opposed to the writing staff just generally being sympathetic to Suzaku's actions/beliefs - they did create him, after all.
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[up]Yes, but I think that's different. Suzaku is an important character and he does have more stereotypical heroic attributes, in contrast to Lelouch's more tradiationally villainous traits, but that's the whole point.

It's a situation where we see the white knight or "hero" is fighting on behalf of the system/evil empire to maintain the peace/oppression and the black knight or "villain" is leading the resistance/terrorist group against it for the sake of liberation/revenge. Who is right and who is wrong is always going to be open to debate. Not everyone has the same opinions about the subject.

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Of course then that oversimplifies the fact that Lelouch at least has ground to stand on, even if he does take it too far in some ways. Suzaku does drop the pretense near the end, which somewhat redeems him.

The unspoken/unaddressed part on the authors' part of course is the betrayal, which in-universe is full of contradictions on the part of the instigators. That does qualify them for Protagonist-Centered Morality, if not straight up Creators Pets.

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[up] What I described is just the general structure, not the contents, much less the infinite number of subjective views on the same.

Some people loved Suzaku and justified his actions, others hated him and felt he was wrong. The same thing goes for Lelouch.

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So Akito the exiled episode two is out now in japan, what do you think will happen in episode two of it.

found a very interesting picture on another forum, won't say what but it's quite an interesting one. can't post it here cause tropes won't let me, but if you want to see it go to I will say no more.

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Let me just say that if that spoiler implies what I think it does, I'm picking this back up.

But not until next year, I believe it won't mean anything until OVA 3 which is in 2014.

That is, if you're talking about what I'm talking about. I'm talking about this:

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"Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes."
[up] yep that is what I was talking about if that is lulu, then captain lulu at attention, he even has too purple tinsels thing that he had with his emperor clothes, if that is lulu, then that raises questions on what his role will be and how it fits in canon as well, wonder if they recton some stuff form the anime, along with OZ, I mean what exactly fits and what doesn't, I hope the makes and writers will sort this out in the coming episodes and chapters of each thing. Since it would help with the fanfic writing I do.
oh yes that picture can be found on the Code Geass website as well in the Akito section, you need a translator to go through the site, but's it's there in the character section of Akito.
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It briefly occurred to me that this might imply they'd retcon something, but it could easily fit into canon with Charles' power.
"Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri, quo me cumque rapit tempestas, deferor hospes."
[up] that is very true and a good point, but if that is lulu in the picture, then I have to wonder where this all fits, since they seem to hint in r2 that lulu spent all his time at Ashford in that year gap where does that leave Rolo etc. , plus makes me wonder how C.C will fit into all this as well, since she will no doubt appear in Akito at some point let the spectating begin.
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I think Suzaku can only bee seen as heroic if you remove the context of where he was. He acts as though rules are inherently just, when really they're there to disenfranchise the Japanese. Like I said before his opposition to Lulu's methods to me comes less from a genuine respect for human diginity and more of an unwillingness to dirty his hands to do what has to be done.

Also haven't seen episode 2 yet, but as far as retconning is concerned, you have to remember the Japanese don't have as codified sense of 'canon' as we do. This has been pointed out on the Gundam thread often, and it might not be exactly the same, but generally the only stuff that's considered 'canon' is what's animated, with everything else basically being treated as promotional material.
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Wow, if that is Lelouch, then that leaves him even more used/screwed with than before. Makes the Megiddo fanfic a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, infact.

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[up] I guess Chuck could've rewritten his memory twice, though I don't see a good reason why he'd let him off the hook like that, unless Charles was explicitly setting Lelouch up for the events of R2. Maybe as a gambit to draw out CC or an excuse to take VV's code. My question though is at what point in or before the series was CC acting on her own and not at Charles/Marianne's behest, and what exact role did Lulu actually have in Chuck's plan?
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I thought C.C. was very cat-like in her mindset and behavior. Even if she had agreed with the plan, she left after Marianne's "death" out of spite or disgust and went to look for another person to contract with. C.C. was talking with Marianne's "soul" every so often, implied to be about Lelouch most of time, but during the show she only tried to actively collaborate with the Emperor when Lelouch finally faced him. The rest of the time she literally seemed to be playing coy or hard to get.

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Also I dunno how I feel about lulu coming back. I like that Akito is mostly its own story; but while having Suzaku was at least jiving with Canon that he was deployed to Europe before coming back to Japan, having Lelouch be here feels like it'd be way too suffocating for the story.
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