YMMV / Zot!

  • Accidental Aesop: McCloud comments that one of his friends said that the last issue's series-summing Aesop (fiction is good) sounds like it's advocating drug use.
  • Anvilicious: McCloud chides himself in the collection's commentary for the heavy-handed attack on racism in the story where Zot searches for crime in New York. What really pushes it over the top is the last panel, wherein Zot wonders if the South won the Civil War.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Terry wants to talk to Pam again and tell her about her feelings. Afraid, Terry walks toward her...but then keeps walking, ignoring Pam as she says hello. Cue letters page... and an extra page where Terry turns around yells "Pam!" The next panel shows her hurriedly rushing to Pam, sheepishly saying, "Hi!". He kept this in the omnibus for the powerful effect.
    • What makes it all the better is a very long-winded, pompous reader in the letters page waxing philosophical about the comic's greatness but disdaining the magazine recently becoming "an organ for effete liberal ideas" like "the perversion... [of] sodomy", and hoping that the trend doesn't continue. Scott just replies, "Sorry to see you go".