YMMV / Zoboomafoo

  • Ear Worm: The opening theme song.
    • The closing song: "This animal is a friend of mine / From the tip of his nose to his funny behind / All the friends we've met today / Are special in their own way / We've all got different names / But we're really all the same! / Thanks for dropping by we're glad you caaaaaaaaame! / These animals are friends of mine / They jump and swim, crawl, fly and climb / One more thing we have to say / Go make an animal friend today! YEAH!"
    • "Who could it be? This animal who I did see. Can you help me guess this mystereeeeey?"
    • "They're goin' on a cool adventure and they don't know what's in store / They're comin' from the closet and they're headed out the door"
  • Fridge Logic/Epileptic Trees: Thinking too hard about Animal Junction might lead to some horrifying theories. How is it everywhere? Is it in some kind of alternate dimension? Why are animals drawn to it? How do they all get there? Who built the place, was it Precursors? Why can Zoboo talk only after he's fed? Is he becoming sapient or just learning English? And what on earth is Zobooland?!