YMMV / Zbeng

  • Magnificent Bastard: The entire cast get their moments, but Gingi is the specialist.
  • Tear Jerker: The strip written after PM Rabin's assassination, in which Uri Fink tries to write a normal strip while dealing with his grief.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Some of Jinji’s antics, considered amusingly annoying in the 90’s, will be viewed today as straight-up sexual harassment.
    • Similarly, Asher beating the living shit out of fellow students, which is played for comedy.
    • Yaron’s love life. One strip from the mid-90’s features him being serially Friendzoned by girls he crushes on; he finally succeeds with a girl he goes out with but doesn’t really care for (as part of one of Jinji’s schemes), since she’s attracted to the callous, “jerky” attitude he displays as a result. In another strip, Noga is berated for leading him on, since she treats him as a friend and a shoulder to cry on about other boys without realizing he’s romantically interested in her. From a modern feminist perspective, the whole thing seems like a blatant “Nice Guy” narrative and is quite uncomfortable to read.