YMMV / Youth in Sexual Ecstasy

  • Anvilicious: The book heavily promotes sexual abstinence and conservative values about abortion and contraception.
    "It requires a lot of time and patience to understand that sex deformed by licentiousness and the lack of maturity of its users, is comparable to badly applied nuclear power."
    • The sequel is even more heavy-handed.
  • Broken Base: For put it simple, the author is the Mexican equivalent of Dan Brown regarding how much the author is right and how much is overblowing his topics.
  • Snark Bait: Because the book is a heavy-handed Author Tract and Anvilicious, both the author and the book are heavily derided in more liberal circles. This is acknowledged in-universe in the sequel, where the first book exists as being written by Efren, and several students of Citlalli's college openly mock it.
  • Values Dissonance: Even by Mexican standards, the book is too old-fashioned for many people, especially any reader outside Mexico.
  • The Woobie: Dr. Marin, he mentions that it was very hard blow for him when his first marriage crumbled, then he learned that his children were living inside a living hell because of their stepfather. He then had to raise his own daughter Marietta, who was traumatized by her near-rape experience, while being unable to find or get any news from his ex-wife and son Efren. Later he re-married but shortly after he lost his wife in a tragic accident; it's not surprising how at the end of the book he leaves all his possessions and decides to spend the rest of his days living an ascetic contemplative life alone in the mountains.